Best Camping Grounds Near Winnipeg

Best Campgrounds Near Winnipeg

Us Winnipeggers love to go out and bond with the beautiful nature of our province. Camping in Winnipeg can be a great activity for you and your family, so check out our list of the best 5 camping sites near Winnipeg.

Best Affordable Restaurants in Winnipeg

Best Affordable Restaurants in Winnipeg

One of our city’s most affected sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic is dining and restaurants. Throughout 2021 restaurants suffered the most as restrictions changed, sometimes limiting their capacity, and sometimes shutting them down for dining in. With current restrictions prohibiting sitting at a restaurant, and only allowing delivery and takeout, Winnipeg’s restaurants keep on suffering. […]

Best 5 Bike Trails in Winnipeg

Best Bike Trails in Winnipeg

As one of the prairie provinces, Manitoba is as flat as it gets. Although some people might find the topography of the province to be quite dull, it is definitely a bikes heaven. Just like Amsterdam is probably the cycling capital of the world, thanks to its flatness, Winnipeg is also a great city for […]