Updated: Jan 12, 2022

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Ice skates for beginner - Top Winnipeg

The season is back, and it’s this time of year again to go and hit outdoor ice-skating rinks. Although ice-skating is possible throughout the year indoors, the global pandemic and COVID related restrictions made it tougher to go and glide at your local arena.

If the sights of ice-skaters sliding outside got you all jealous, now’s the time to pick up this great hobby.

The variety of ice-skates in the market is vast, and as a beginner you might find yourself lost in the sea of different brands, types, and features. For this reason, we’ve gathered a short list of the best ice-skates for beginners in 2022.

If you want to learn a bit more about the different types of skates, and what type is best for beginners, make sure you read our guide of how to choose ice-skates for beginners.

How Much Should You Spend on Your First Ice-Skates?

As always, you get what you paid for. Before answering the question of how much you should spend on your first pair of ice-skates, it is important to know that ice-skates can be pricey. Professional hockey and figure ice-skates can go for well over 500$, and sometimes even soar to around 1,000$.

These numbers are of course a bit higher than what you should spend on your first ice-skates, and the short answer is that anywhere in the range of 100$-200$ you can find great beginner ice-skates, that will last for a few seasons (or at least until your skills improve).

Keep in mind that you can even find decent ice-skates for under 100$, and we’ll bring some of those here in our list.


Best Overall Ice-Skates for Beginners – Jackson Ultima Softec Sport

Although Jackson are well-known for their great figure-skates, they also make great hockey-style ice-skates that are great for beginners and intermediate gliders.

Under their Softec brand, Jackson introduced a very comfortable set of ice-skates perfect for beginners.

The ice-skates come with thinsulate-lined upper & tongue with cushy foam padding for maximum comfort & warmth and have velcro® fastening ankle strap & lace loops.