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About Us

Hello there! I’m Assaf Duvdevani, and I warmly welcome you to my blog, a space dedicated to exploring and celebrating the vibrant city of Winnipeg.

Since moving here in 2019, I’ve embarked on an exciting journey, immersing myself in the city’s culture, lifestyle, and hidden corners.

A photo Assaf Duvdevani in front of the Charleswood sign in Winnipeg

My Winnipeg Story

My story with Winnipeg began when I moved here in late 2019. The city’s unique charm and welcoming community instantly captivated me.

From its bustling streets to serene parks, every corner of Winnipeg tells a story, and I’ve been eager to discover each one.

Our Mission

This blog is more than just a collection of places and events; it’s a tribute to Winnipeg’s spirit.

My mission is to guide you, whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, through the city’s diverse offerings.

From quaint cafes to grand festivals, from historic landmarks to modern attractions, I strive to showcase the best of Winnipeg.

What You'll Discover Here

  • Local Insights: Insider tips on the best places to eat, relax, and have fun.
  • Event Highlights: Updates on the city’s most exciting events and festivals.
  • Hidden Gems: Discoveries of lesser-known spots that make Winnipeg special.
  • Personal Stories: My experiences and adventures as I explore the city.
  • Local News: Stay informed with the latest happenings in Winnipeg and Manitoba.
  • Winnipeg-Themed Merchandise: Check out our exclusive line of Winnipeg-themed t-shirts, perfect for locals and visitors alike to celebrate their love for the city.

Collaboration Opportunities

We at Top Winnipeg believe in the power of collaboration. Whether you’re a local business, a fellow blogger, or have a unique idea for a project, we’re always open to exploring new opportunities.

If you’re passionate about Winnipeg and have a vision for working together, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s make something exciting happen!

Connect with Me

Feel free to reach out, share your Winnipeg stories, or suggest places I should explore next.

Your insights and experiences enrich this journey!

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