Best Affordable Restaurants in Winnipeg

Best Affordable Restaurants in Winnipeg

One of our city’s most affected sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic is dining and restaurants. Throughout 2021 restaurants suffered the most as restrictions changed, sometimes limiting their capacity, and sometimes shutting them down for dining in.

With current restrictions prohibiting sitting at a restaurant, and only allowing delivery and takeout, Winnipeg’s restaurants keep on suffering.

Winnipeg’s restaurant aren’t the only ones affected by the pandemic, and many of us Winnipeggers lost our jobs or had to reduce spending.

We all want to support our local businesses but many of us struggle as well during those unprecedented times.

For that reason, we have compiled a list of the best affordable restaurants in Winnipeg, still open for delivery or takeout, that give the best value for money for us Winnipeggers.

Bahn Mi King (Vietnamese)

This Vietnamese establishment is located on Portage and have a great variety of Vietnamese dishes and even some Asian/Canadian fusion (see their poutine menu).

Bahn Mi King offers large portion dishes in affordable prices, and we especially recommend their Viet Subs category, where you can get great meaty subs in under 10$.

During COVID-19 restrictions the restaurant is open for takeout as well as delivery using SkipTheDishes.

Bistro Dansk (European)

European cuisine is usually not the first that pops in mind when thinking of dining options in Winnipeg, but this Danish influenced establishment is a hidden gem in Winnipeg.

We love schnitzels in all shapes and forms, and Bistro Dansk’s Danish Schnitzel is just fantastic.

Although prices might seem a bit high, the portion sizes of this joint are huge and people tend to share dishes, or savor on leftovers for the following days.

During COVID-19 restrictions in Winnipeg the restaurant is open for takeout.


Sargant Taco (Mexican)

Up for Taco Tuesday? Sargant Taco is probably the place for you.

With a great variety of tacos, this Mexican establishment on Sargant is a perfect (and affordable) solution for your tortilla cravings.

Their value meal offer of 3 tacos, rice, beans and a drink is only 11$ is indeed full of value.

The place is open during restrictions for takeout and delivery using Door Dash.


Kokeb (Ethiopian)

When it comes to finding affordable restaurants in Winnipeg, broadening your culinary horizons might help with that.

On Edmonton St., just between Graham and Portage you’ll find Kokeb, an Ethiopian establishment right in the middle of Winnipeg.

Other than serving large portion dishes for good prices, this restaurant (as many other traditional Ethiopian restaurants) offers a great variety of choices for vegan and vegetarian diners.

During restrictions you can order takeout or delivery using SkipTheDishes.

Kyu Bochi (Thai)

Thai restaurants are usually quite generous with their portion sizes, and this Winnipeg establishment is no different.

The place has a great variety of traditional Thai dishes, and their fried rice dishes can even serve 2 people.

Kyu Bochi offers boxes filled with goods for 25.99$ and these can feed an entire family.

You can order a delivery or takeout from SkipTheDishes.


This is the time to buy local and support our local businesses and restaurants. The list above is our pick for the best affordable restaurants in Winnipeg that are open for takeout and delivery during the restrictions.

Even if you choose to go with other places, show your support for our community and local businesses.



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