Top 5 Fishing Gadgets in 2022 – Fishing in Winnipeg

Top 5 fishing gadgets for 2022

Fishing isn’t just a hobby; fishing is a way of life. And in 2022, the way we fish will be the same, just with more fishing gadgets.

After carefully choosing your right fishing spot in Winnipeg, or near Winnipeg, it is now the time to gear up for the next fishing trip. We know that some people think that a fishing rod, a hook, couple of baits and maybe a folding chair might do the trick, but we are here for maximum comfort and innovation.

If you are looking to make your trips to your favorite Winnipeg fishing spot, more comfortable while enjoying your favorite activity, look no further. We have gathered here a list of the top 10 fishing gadgets every rod wielding enthusiast must take with him on his next fishing trip.

1. South Bend Digital Hanging Fishing Scale

Want to know the weight of your “just-caught” walleye? The south Bend digital hanging scale will provide you with an accurate measurement right on the spot.

This handy scale is equipped with an easy to read, hi contrast blue backlit LCD display that runs on 2 AAA batteries (included). It also has auto off function that ensures you won’t drain your batteries.

An audible weight lock sound helps you know when the fish’s weight is ready to be viewed accurately.

Did you know that here in Manitoba you have to measure the fish you catch? Don’t worry about it, this scale comes with a retractable tape measure of up to 100 cm.

2. Venterior Portable Fish Finder

Some of you might think this is pure cheating, but we absolutely love this portable fish finder.

If that spot in the lake haven’t yield a single fish for a couple of hours, or if you always park yourself at that wrong place on the river bank, this one is for you.

This Venterior portable fish finder will show you what’s in the water. Not only it can show you the approximate location of the fish, it will also indicate whether it’s small, medium or large.

With new batteries this portable fish finder will last for 4-5 hours – well enough to find the right spot on the lake in your next fishing trip near Winnipeg.

3. Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

Have you ever wondered how things look under your fishing boat? No more wondering!

With this Eyoyo underwater fishing camera you can see exactly where all those sneaky fish are.

This underwater camera comes with a 7″ color screen, protected inside a waterproof case. In darker water you can even use the camera’s infrared function to see more clearly.

4. WingsFlying Bite Alarm

How can you tell a fish just bit your bait while you’re sitting on the shore sipping on your cold beer? With this great gadget you’ll be notified once a fish is hooked.

This little bite alarm is easily mounted on your rod, and will sound an alarm and flash its LED lights when a fish bites the bait.

The device is very sensitive and will make sure to alarm you whenever it’s time to pull.

5. Garmin Striker Cast, Castable Sonar with GPS

If you’re looking for more accuracy with your fish sonar, this high-end Garmin castable sonar is your best choice for the task.

Unlike other fish finders which have the display on them, the Gramin sonar should be cast into water and paired with your smartphone.

Its sonar will send data back to your phone so you can see what’s going on under water, and where all the fish are.

The high-end model also includes GPS so you can see the fish exact location over a map.

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