Best Ice-Skating Spots in Winnipeg in 2022

Ice Skating Rinks in Winnipeg

When the temperatures drop, and Winnipeg is dressed in white, the time has come to dust off your ice-skates and hit the rinks.

Although the city is still under some COVID related restrictions, the city of Winnipeg has issued some instructions that allow the rinks to stay open during the season.

So, as long as you keep a safe 2 meters apart from other skaters, and don’t play organized hockey matches, you are good to use one of the many ice-skating rinks of Winnipeg. We will list here our favorite outdoor public spots in Winnipeg for ice-skating in 2022.

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The Forks

The first rinks that you’ll find is located in the Arctic Glacier Winter Park. The rink also constitutes as the starting point of a long ice-skating trail. The trail winds through the park and ends at South Point Park, right after crossing The Forks Bridge.

Just outside of The Forks Market you’ll find a sheltered round rink, and if you go down from there to the Forks Old Historic Port, you can find a nice stretch of the Assiniboine River that was cleared for ice-skating.


Assiniboine Park

As one of our favorite parks in the city, Assiniboine Park offers a nice ice-skating rink. The Duck Pond of Assiniboine Park which during summertime is one of the park’s focal points, turns in winter to a natural ice-skating rink.

The pond itself is relatively large, so there’s room for many ice-skaters, while still maintaining COVID restrictions. Just keep in mind that it is a very popular destination, especially during the weekends, so it might be crowded.

St. Vital Park

Just like Assiniboine Park, St. Vital Park has its own duck pond which turns into a great ice-skating rink during wintertime. If you live in the eastern or southern parts of the city, the duck pond in St. Vital Park is a great solution for you.

The park is also pretty popular, so keep in mind that you follow social distancing while there, and keep in mind that it might be more crowded during weekends.

The 3 ice-skating rinks that we’ve brought you here are amongst the popular destinations in Winnipeg when it comes to ice-skating, but there are many more in town.

The city of Winnipeg maintains many public outdoor ice-skating rinks throughout the city, and the full list can be found on the city’s website. The site also details if a certain location is currently opened or closed.

Public ice-skating rinks in Winnipeg can be found in community centers, public parks and schools.

Enjoy winter and ice-skating, and don’t forget to follow all relevant COVID restriction and social distancing.

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