Winnipeg and Manitoba News Recap: December 29, 2023

This summary covers the significant news stories that occurred in Winnipeg and Manitoba on Friday, December 29, 2023.

From notable appointments to the Order of Canada and police incidents, to personal triumphs and ongoing community concerns, this recap provides a concise overview of the day’s key events.

Two Winnipeg Residents Honored with Order of Canada

André Leon Lewis and Yisa Folasele Akinbolaji, two distinguished Winnipeggers, were appointed to the Order of Canada.

Lewis, celebrated for his leadership in the world of dance, and Akinbolaji, recognized for his artistic innovations and youth mentorship, joined other esteemed Canadians in this honor.

Hostage Situation Ends in Fatal Police Shooting

In a tense hostage scenario on Furby Street, Winnipeg police fatally shot a man holding hostages.

The deceased, a 52-year-old male, was also a person of interest in the homicide of Farah Mohamud, a trucker from British Columbia. The woman initially held hostage was rescued unharmed, while other captives had managed to escape earlier.

B.C. Trucker Identified as Homicide Victim

Following the story from the hostage situation of Furby Street – Farah Mohamud, the trucker whose body was discovered in an apartment on Furby Street, was officially identified.

The 34-year-old from Delta, B.C., was initially reported missing on December 23, shortly after making a delivery in Winnipeg.

Missing Senior Citizen Found Safe

Gregory Delf, a 66-year-old Winnipeg resident who had been reported missing, was found safe.

Delf was last seen in the area of William Avenue and Sherbrook Street, and his discovery brought relief to the community and his family.

Manitoba Premier Discusses TikTok Security Precautions

Premier Wab Kinew addressed concerns about TikTok usage, ensuring that his social media posts on the platform are managed by staff using non-government devices.

The premier emphasized the importance of this communication channel, despite the app being banned on government devices due to security concerns.

Gas Tax Holiday in Manitoba

Starting January 1, Manitobans will benefit from a six-month gas tax holiday, lifting the provincial 14-cent-a-litre tax on gasoline and diesel fuel.

This relief measure is part of the government’s efforts to ease the financial burden on residents amid rising living costs.

Rising Respiratory Illnesses Strain Manitoba Hospitals

Manitoba’s healthcare system is under pressure due to a surge in respiratory illnesses, leading to potential surgery cancellations and heightened ICU demands.

Shared Health is monitoring the situation, urging the public to take preventative measures like vaccinations.

Missing Teen Last Seen in Thompson

Aaron Yellowback, a 14-year-old teen, was reported missing and last seen in Thompson, Manitoba. The RCMP are actively searching for him, urging the public to provide any relevant information.

Arrest in Poplar River Homicide Case

In Poplar River, RCMP officers arrested a 28-year-old woman in connection with a homicide investigation. The victim, a 26-year-old man, was found deceased in a residence, prompting an ongoing inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Funeral for Ukrainian Newcomer Tragically Stabbed

Ivan Rubanik, a 46-year-old immigrant from Ukraine, was mourned at a funeral after his untimely death due to an unprovoked stabbing in Winnipeg.

Rubanik, who had arrived in the city with his family about a year ago to escape the war in Ukraine, was attacked while walking to work. His death has deeply impacted the community, with his coworkers at Westward Industries and local residents raising nearly $100,000 to support his grieving family.

The funeral, attended by about 25 people, including colleagues and family members, provided a somber moment of closure. Rubanik’s passing not only highlights the challenges faced by newcomers but also underscores the broader concerns of violence in Winnipeg.

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