Winnipeg and Manitoba News Recap: January 3, 2024

The start of the new year brings a mix of civic, political, and community developments in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

From urgent traffic safety concerns in Charleswood to a controversial mining project and a series of unfortunate incidents, here’s a look at the key stories that marked the day in the region.

Enhancing Traffic Safety in Charleswood

Charleswood residents are expressing concerns about the safety of the Elmhurst Road and Wilkes Avenue intersection. Councillor Evan Duncan is advocating for a traffic study to explore safety improvements, including revising speed limits.

The intersection has become increasingly perilous due to growing traffic from surrounding areas.

Political Controversy Over Mining Project

Former PC cabinet minister Jeff Wharton is under scrutiny for allegedly trying to expedite the approval of the Sio Silica mining project in southeastern Manitoba.

Wharton claims he was gathering information for the incoming NDP government, but this move has been criticized for potentially breaching the caretaker convention.

Missing Woman in Winnipeg

Shelby Hayward, 30, has been missing since October 20, 2023, last seen at CF Polo Park mall.

Reported missing on November 17, Winnipeg Police are seeking public assistance in locating her. Hayward is described as 5 feet 5 inches tall with a medium build, brown hair, and brown eyes.

Calgary-bound Flight Diverted Due to Assault

An Air Canada flight from Toronto to Calgary was diverted to Winnipeg after a 16-year-old assaulted a family member mid-air.

The teenager from Grande Prairie, Alta., was restrained by passengers and crew, leading to his arrest and hospital evaluation. The victim received minor injuries.

Gas Leak Evacuation in Wolseley

A gas leak in the Wolseley area forced the evacuation of residents from 16 structures. The leak, caused by construction crews, led to road closures around Garfield Street and Wolseley Avenue.

Manitoba Hydro was brought in to stop the leak and repair the line.

Restorative Justice in Shoplifting Case

Verde Plant Design in Osborne Village chose a restorative justice approach with alleged shoplifters. One individual returned to pay for the stolen goods, valued over $350.

This approach has been applauded by restorative justice workers for its compassion and effectiveness.

Millennium Library Parkade Repairs

Winnipeg City Hall is considering a $30 million renovation plan for the Millennium Library parkade. The proposal aims to address structural repairs and upgrades.

Public Works Committee Chair Janice Lukes supports the investment, citing the parkade’s importance in downtown Winnipeg.

Arson in Northern Manitoba

A New Year’s Day fire in Moose Lake, suspected to be arson, destroyed five homes. The community’s firefighting efforts were hindered by equipment issues.

The Red Cross is providing support to the displaced residents.

Japanese Company Eyes Manitoba for Lithium Ion Battery Facility

A Japanese company is considering Manitoba for a $1.6 billion lithium ion battery separator manufacturing facility.

This facility, potentially located near the West End Water Pollution Control Centre, is expected to create over 700 jobs and play a crucial role in electric vehicle manufacturing.

Ice Fishing Season Begins in Manitoba

After a delayed start due to warm weather, ice fishing enthusiasts in Manitoba can finally enjoy their sport. Anglers are advised to check ice conditions and safety measures before heading out.

Ice fishing has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, especially during the pandemic.

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