The Verdict is In: Winnipeg Votes on the Worst Drivers by Licence Plate

Winnipeg Jets licence plate

In Winnipeg, a city celebrated for its diverse population and equally varied driving styles, on a recent Reddit poll we’ve asked the people of Winnipeg who they think are the worst drivers in Winnipeg by licence plate.

The poll aimed to identify the worst drivers in the city based on their specialty license plates. While the conversation was light-hearted, it revealed some fascinating community perceptions about driving behavior and even included a poll. Here’s a comprehensive look at what the community had to say, along with the poll results sorted in descending order by votes.

The Poll: A Snapshot of Public Opinion

Our poll allowed users to vote on which specialty license plates they thought were most commonly associated with poor driving behavior. The total number of votes cast was 916. Here are the results, arranged in descending order by votes:

  • Jets: 429 votes
  • Snoman: 231 votes
  • Personalized License Plates (Vanity): 133 votes
  • Bombers: 75 votes
  • Basketball For Life: 39 votes
  • Goldeyes: 9 votes

The poll serves as a fascinating snapshot of public opinion, revealing which license plates are most commonly associated with poor driving behavior in the eyes of Winnipeg’s Reddit community.

Jets Plates: The Aggressive Drivers

Jets plates took the lead with 429 votes, a significant margin that cannot be ignored.

According to the community, these plates are often seen on pickup trucks, and the drivers tend to exhibit aggressive behavior.

This raises questions about whether the enthusiasm for a sports team translates into a more aggressive demeanor on the road.

Snoman Plates: The Entitled Luxury Car Owners

Snoman plates secured the second spot with 231 votes.

These plates are often seen on luxury cars like BMWs and Audis. The community noted that these drivers seem entitled and often use features like autopilot without due caution.

This suggests that the choice of a license plate can sometimes be more about personal branding than actual interests.

Personalized License Plates: The Vanity Factor

Personalized or vanity plates received 133 votes, making them the third most voted category.

Does personalization lead to a sense of entitlement on the road? Are drivers with personalized plates more likely to think the rules don’t apply to them?

These are questions that the community seemed to implicitly ask.

The Underdogs: Bombers, Basketball For Life, and Goldeyes

The Bombers, Basketball For Life, and Goldeyes plates received fewer votes, with 75, 39, and 9 votes respectively.

This could suggest that the community views these drivers as less problematic or simply less noticeable.

Notable Mentions: Plates Not in the Poll

While the poll focused on specific types of plates, the comments section brought up some interesting mentions that were not part of the poll.

For instance, firefighters were noted for driving massive black pickup trucks, and one user mentioned that the last person to give them the finger had a veteran’s plate.

Another surprising mention was that of Humane Society plates, which seemed to be universally loved, with no one reporting any negative experiences with these drivers.

These comments add another layer to the discussion, showing that the community has opinions that extend beyond the options provided in the poll.


While the Reddit thread was all in good fun, it did highlight how we, as a society, often associate certain behaviors with superficial indicators, like license plates.

It’s essential to remember that while these observations are anecdotal and not based on any scientific study, they do offer a glimpse into the community’s perceptions. And sometimes, that’s all you need for an engaging discussion about the quirks of driving in Winnipeg.

So, the next time you’re on the road, you might find yourself paying a little more attention to license plates. Just remember, while stereotypes can be amusing to discuss, they should never replace individual judgment. After all, good and bad drivers come in all forms, plates included.

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