Fishing in Winnipeg – Top 5 Fishing Spots in 2023

Fishing in Winnipeg - La Barriere Park

Looking for a great fishing spot in Winnipeg, and don’t want to drive too far? Look no further!

The 2023 fishing season in Manitoba will start in May. To get you ready for this season, we’ve made a list of the top fishing spots in the city of Winnipeg, in 2023.

The confluence of 2 of Manitoba’s great rivers in Winnipeg, The Red River, and its tributary – The Assiniboine River, makes the capital of Manitoba a prime fishing location in the province. It is true that Winnipeggers and Manitobans like to fish around one of the province’s lakes, but the if you live in Winnipeg and want to stay close to home, there are plenty of urban fishing spots right in your backyard.

We’ve comprised a small list of the best fishing spots in Winnipeg, so you can spend most of the day fishing and not driving too far away locations.

Before heading out to one of our favorite fishing spots in Winnipeg, make sure that you acquire your Manitoba’s fishing license, and don’t forget to see if you’re ready for a day of fishing.


Maple Grove Park (Red River)

At the southern part of Winnipeg, just before you hit the perimeter highway when you drive south on St. Vital’s St. Mary’s Rd. you’ll get to Maple Grove Park.

The park is located on the eastern shore of The Red River, at a point where the river bends.

We’d suggest you park yourself where the river bends, just off the main entrance from Frobisher Rd.

You might find Catfish, Black Drum and even Carps in that spot.


South Point Park (The Forks)

Although The Forks (the confluence point of The Red & Assiniboine Rivers) is a pretty crowded and touristic spot, you can cross the Assiniboine River to its southern bank, and there you’ll find South Point Park.

The park sits on the meeting point of the 2 rivers dividing Winnipeg.

And hey, if your fishing party has turned unsuccessful, you can always cross back to The Forks and grab a bite or a drink.


La Barriere Park (La Salle River)

Although La Barriere Park is not officially part of Winnipeg, the park itself lies on the bank of the La Salle River (another tributary of The Red River) just 1 KM from the southern border of Winnipeg.

The La Salle River is home to Catfish, Walleye and Sauger, so you can try and fish some species that you can’t normally find within the urban limits of Winnipeg.


Grant’s Old Mill (Assiniboine River)

In the heart of Winnipeg, just off Portage Ave. you’ll find Grant’s Old Mill – a replica of a 19th century water-powered wheat mill. The mill sits on the bank of a small tributary of the Assiniboine River.

The spot is located within Winnipeg, so it has a relatively easy and convenient access. It is also not considered as a popular fishing spot, so it’ll be easier to social distance yourself from others over there.

The spot is just south of Grace Hospital, and you can find a parking lot just off Booth Dr.


Churchill Drive Park (The Red River)

Just where Osborne crosses south to St. Vital, and off of Riverview neighborhood, you’ll find the very long Churchill Drive Park. The park lies on the western bank of The Red River and is a pretty popular fishing spot within Winnipeg.

Although popular, its long waterfront allows fishers to spread out, and it never feels too crowded over there.

Due to its prime location at the heart of Winnipeg, proximity to St. Vital and the neighborhoods south of The Assiniboine River, you’ll get there quite easily.

Just like other spots along The Red River, you’ll find Catfish, Drum and sometimes Carps in this great spot.

When it comes to fishing in Winnipeg, everyone has its own special place. These are the places that we recommend for urban fishing in Winnipeg, but we also urge you to go out and find your special spot.

The Red River and Assiniboine offer many spots along their flow, some are more popular while others might be more secluded and secret. So, go out, explore the great city of Winnipeg, and find your perfect spot.

If you’re looking a little road trip, coupled with a day of fishing, take a look at our list of best fishing spots near Winnipeg.

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