Best Camping Grounds Near Winnipeg

Best Campgrounds Near Winnipeg

The winters of Manitoba can be long and cold. When the snow begins to melt, us Winnipeggers love to go out and bond with the beautiful nature of our province. Camping in Winnipeg can be a great activity for you and your family, so check out our list of the best 5 camping sites near Winnipeg.

A nice warm spring weekend is the perfect time for camping in Winnipeg. There are dozens of camping grounds throughout Manitoba, but luckily the vicinity of Winnipeg is full of great camping grounds as well.

Are you looking to bond with nature for a couple of days?

Don’t want to travel to far from Winnipeg?

Awesome! We have the perfect camping grounds located in up to about an hour drive from the city.

Birds Hill Provincial Park

Due to its closeness and proximity to Winnipeg, Birds Hill is without a doubt the most popular provincial park among Winnipeggers.

The park is situated about 20 minutes of drive north of Winnipeg. With almost 500 sites it is one of the largest camping sites in all of Manitoba.

The camping sites offer few levels of service, from unserviced, electrical serviced and fully serviced sites with water, electricity and even sewer.

Other than camping the park offers many other activities. It has great biking and hiking trails, as well as a lake perfect for swimming and cooling down.

One last note – Aurora season in Manitoba usually does not correlate with camping season, mainly because higher aurora activity occurs during winter. Birds Hill is still considered a great place to go aurora chasing while getting away from Winnipeg’s light pollution.

St. Malo Provincial Park

Situated about 60 KMs south of Winnipeg, St. Malo is one of the hidden gems of southern Manitoba.

Although not as popular as Birds Hill Park, St. Malo is still a great campground. This nice and cozy park has a great camping site with unserviced spots as well as electricity serviced ones.

One of the nicest spots in this park is the lake and its beautiful stretch of sandy beach – A great getaway in a hot summer weekend.

The campsites as well as the beach part are equipped with bathrooms and showers.

The park also offers a nice picnic site with cooking shelters and shaded tables.

Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

For those of you who don’t know, Winnipeg Beach is Winnipeg’s summer resort town.

Just an hour of drive from Winnipeg.

This beautiful small town lies on the south-western shore of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba’s largest inland body of water.

Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park offers over 100 campsites who are fully serviced with electricity, water and sewer and are a perfect spot for RV camping.

During summertime, the proximity of the park to the sandy shores of Lake Winnipeg makes this location perfect for water activity and cooling down while it’s hot outside.

The park’s proximity to the town of Winnipeg Beach is perfect if you need to fill-in on some groceries. If you’re tired of cooking and looking for a bite close by.

Grand Beach Campground

Another great camping site on Lake Winnipeg is situated just off one of the lake’s most popular beaches – Grand Beach. This park is located on the south-eastern shore of the lake and is one of the oldest in the province.

The campground is just a few minutes walk from East Beach, so it is a great water destination for the summer.

The area of East Beach is also a great place for fishing enthusiasts, so if you love fishing and camping, this is a great place to combine your two loves.

Brereton Lake Campground

Although we’ve promised camping sites in up to an hour drive from Winnipeg, if you’re up for another 20 minutes of drive, Brereton Lake Campground in Whiteshell Provincial Park is a great destination.

The campground sits comfortably near the shore of Brereton Lake. This is the first lake you hit while entering the large and vast Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Just keep in mind that this campground is small and offers under 30 campsites, so be sure to book your spot ahead.

If you need to fill-up on groceries, find some amenities or a grab a bite, you can cross the road to Brereton Lake Resort.


Are you looking to couple your camping with some water activities as well? Check out our list of best 5 lakes and beaches near Winnipeg.


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