7 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants in Winnipeg [Updated for 2024]

A platter of tasty tacos in a Mexican restaurant in Winnipeg

Crave Mexican in Winnipeg? Look no further! Dive into our city’s tastiest tacos, sizzling fajitas, and more.

7 unbeatable spots await your taste buds. From The Forks’ bustling stands to hidden gems across town.

Local flavors, global appeal. Authentic, delicious, unforgettable. Your quest for the best Mexican fare begins here.

Every bite’s a fiesta, every spot’s a story. Get ready, Winnipeg’s Mexican flavor tour is here. Let’s eat!

Savor handmade tortillas, fresh salsas, and spicy delights. Family recipes, street food magic, modern twists.

Join us and discover your new favorite Mexican spot today!

A cheesy nachos dish in a Mexican restaurant in Winnipeg
Photo by Assaf Duvdevani

La Roca

La Roca stands out in Winnipeg’s Mexican dining scene.

Its menu dazzles with a fusion of traditional and modern Mexican dishes. The vibrant ambiance sets the stage for an authentic culinary journey.

This restaurant is not just about food; it’s an experience that starts with the setting and the menu’s presentation.

One of the highlights is the Queso Fundido. This hot, creamy cheese dip with chorizo and green onions, served with house-made tortilla chips, is a crowd favorite.

For a main dish, the Taco Platter is exceptional. It offers an array of flavors, from the marinated pork in the Pastor taco to the subtlety of the Grilled Fish taco, each crafted with care and flavor in mind.

Ending a meal at La Roca is as delightful as starting one. The Churros and Banana Choco Chimi desserts are a sweet finale to the diverse culinary exploration.

Every visit here promises new flavors and a reminder of the richness of Mexican cuisine, making La Roca a must-visit for anyone in Winnipeg.

A taco dish from La Roca Mexican restaurant in Winnipeg's downtown
photo via Instagram @larocawinnipeg

BMC Market

BMC Market on Winnipeg’s trendy Osborne street, stands out for its authentic Mexican street food.

Their straightforward menu, focusing on tacos and quesadillas, brings the true essence of Mexican flavors. It’s a bustling spot, offering a genuine taste of Mexico in a simple, unpretentious setting.

The highlight is their diverse taco range. Chorizo tacos are a popular pick, packed with Mexican-style sausage.

For a unique flavor, try the Tinga tacos, featuring a savory blend of chicken, onion, and cabbage. Vegetarians will enjoy the Rajas tacos with a creamy mix of green peppers and mushrooms.

Completing the experience at BMC Market are the sides and beverages. Choices like Mexican-style rice and refried beans perfectly accompany the main dishes.

For drinks, the Horchata and homemade Jamaica offer refreshing, traditional Mexican tastes. This place is a must-visit for an authentic, no-frills Mexican dining experience in Winnipeg.

A taco platter from BMC Market Mexican restaurant in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @bmc_market

Sargent Taco Shop

Sargent Taco Shop serves up vibrant Mexican flavors in Winnipeg.

Their menu is a parade of authentic choices, from classic tacos to cheesy quesadillas. Each dish carries the promise of traditional Mexican street fare, made from fresh, quality ingredients.

Tacos reign supreme here, with options like the succulent Chorizo and the savory Chicken Rajas. The Grilled Ribeye Steak taco is a standout, perfect with a side of their homemade taco salsa.

Vegetarians have ample choice too, with offerings like the Nopalitos, ensuring everyone leaves satisfied.

Finish off with their indulgent Churros Bites or opt for the savory Poutine with a Mexican twist.

Sargent Taco Shop combines authenticity with a casual, inviting atmosphere, making it a staple for those craving Mexican cuisine.

A hard shell taco platter from Sargent Taco in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @sargent.tacoshop

JC’s Tacos & More

JC’s Tacos & More is where Winnipeg’s appetite for robust Mexican flavors is satisfied.

Their extensive menu serves up authentic dishes ranging from tamales to sizzling fajitas. Each recipe promises a taste of Mexico’s rich culinary traditions, right here in Winnipeg.

The Pork Tamales, with their seasoned corn dough and succulent filling, are a fiery delight. For a lighter yet equally flavorful option, the Pico de Gallo, when paired with crisp tortilla chips, offers a fresh zesty kick.

The menu’s variety caters to both meat-lovers with options like the savory Barbacoa, and vegetarians with dishes like the Veggie Bowl.

To wrap up the dining experience, JC’s signature burritos are a must-try, bulging with fillings and flavors that transport you to the bustling streets of Mexico.

Whether you’re there for a casual meal or a feast to share, JC’s Tacos & More delivers with flair, making it a beloved spot for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts.

A beautifully arranged taco platter at JC's tacos Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @jctacos

La Taqueria Mexican Street Tacos

La Taqueria Mexican Street Tacos wins Winnipeg’s heart with genuine Mexican tastes.

Diners feel transported to Mexico, thanks to the birria tacos and the warm, welcoming service.

Their diverse menu, from street tacos to refreshing Jarritos, caters to all, with rave reviews for both the food and atmosphere.

Highly rated and loved, La Taqueria is a must for authentic Mexican cuisine aficionados, guaranteeing a memorable experience with every visit.

La Taqueria Mexican Street Tacos
photo via Instagram @lataqueria.wpg

Habanero Sombrero

Habanero Sombrero, located in The Forks food court in Winnipeg, isn’t your typical sit-down restaurant; it’s a vibrant food stand that packs a punch with its Mexican offerings.

Their menu is a showcase of Mexican street food like the 2021 Taco Week Winner Chorizo and the hearty Barbacoa Beef tacos, served with their signature slaw and feta cheese.

Despite its modest setting, Habanero Sombrero’s mix and match tacos have a reputation for authenticity. They cater to diverse tastes, with vegan and vegetarian items highlighted on their entirely gluten-free menu.

A visit to Habanero Sombrero is a culinary adventure, offering rich, bold flavors that celebrate Mexican cuisine.

A mountain of nachos in Habanero Sombrero in Winnipeg's Forks Market
photo via Instagram @habsombrero

The Good Fight Taco

The Good Fight Taco offers a punch of flavor at the Hargrave St. Market, not confined by the walls of a traditional restaurant.

Their stand is a hotspot for taco enthusiasts craving inventive takes on classics like Al Pastor and Campechanos tacos.

Diners can indulge in the Rooster taco for a twist with serrano honey or opt for a vegetarian delight with the Falafel taco, featuring carrot ginger slaw and mint crema.

It’s a feast for the senses with each bite promising a fusion of fresh ingredients and bold flavors.

While it’s a stand, The Good Fight Taco doesn’t hold back on quality, serving up an experience akin to a culinary knockout. It’s a must-visit for taco lovers looking for top-notch flavors in a bustling market atmosphere.

A taco and nachos platter form The Good Fight Taco in Hargrave Market Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @thegoodfighttaco
A hearty enchilada dish in a Winnipeg Mexican restaurant
Photo by Assaf Duvdevani

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