The BEST 10 Cocktail Bars in Winnipeg [Updated for 2024]

A photo a varied cocktails in a Winnipeg cocktail bar

Winnipeg’s nightlife vibrantly showcases its cocktail culture.

This city, renowned for its diverse culinary scene, also excels in its cocktail offerings.

From cozy, intimate settings to bustling, energetic spots, Winnipeg’s cocktail bars cater to every preference. Each establishment on this list stands out for its unique approach to mixology, ambiance, and service.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these top-rated cocktail bars promise an unforgettable experience. As we explore each venue, note their standout drinks, distinct atmospheres, and the experiences they offer. This guide aims to navigate the best of Winnipeg’s cocktail scene, one sip at a time.

A photo of an Old Fashion cocktail in a Winnipeg cocktail bar
Photo by Assaf Duvdevani

Rosé Coffee and Wine

Located on 474 Main street in Winnipeg, Rosé Coffee and Wine offers a unique evening experience in the city’s Exchange District.

As night falls, this venue shifts its focus from a café to a cocktail bar, boasting a menu rich in creativity and taste. Patrons can expect an array of cocktails, including inventive takes on classics and delightful specialties.

Their cocktail menu includes options like the Rosé French 75, a refreshing and elegant choice, and the unique Tom Hank’s Diet Cokagne.

For something more traditional yet with a twist, the Maple Old-Fashioned is a must-try. The bar also excels in specialty espresso martinis, offering flavors like Salted Caramel, Tiramisu, and Nutella, each presenting a unique and indulgent experience.

The bar’s atmosphere, combined with its innovative cocktail menu, makes Rosé Coffee and Wine a standout choice for those seeking a sophisticated cocktail experience in Winnipeg.

This spot is perfect for those looking to enjoy a relaxed evening in an elegant setting.

A photo of cocktails from Rosé Coffee and Wine in Winnipeg
Photo via Instagram @rosecoffeewine

Langside Grocery

This cocktail bar in Winnipeg is celebrated for its cozy, retro ambiance and a focus on cocktails and small plates.

Patrons commend the bar for its comfortable and welcoming environment, ideal for a relaxed outing. The staff’s excellent service further enhances the overall positive experience.

The cocktail offerings at Langside Grocery are notable for their uniqueness and inventiveness, with drinks like the ‘Black Beards Ghost’ cocktail showcasing their creative mixology.

Alongside these distinctive cocktails, the bar serves a variety of small plates, including popular choices like beef tartare with sourdough and caramelized onion dip.

Langside Grocery’s charm extends beyond its food and drink; the presence of a friendly local cat and a lively atmosphere contribute to its unique appeal.

Known for staying open late, especially on weekends, it’s a perfect spot for those seeking a casual yet engaging night out. The combination of inventive drinks, a warm atmosphere, and friendly service makes Langside Grocery a standout destination for cocktail enthusiasts in Winnipeg.

A photo of a cocktail from Langside Grocery Winnipeg
Photo via Instagram @langsidegrocery

James Avenue Pumphouse Food & Drink

Located in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, James Avenue Pumphouse is a standout cocktail bar, celebrated for its unique transformation from a historic water pumping station to a modern culinary and cocktail destination.

The bar’s interior showcases the building’s original machinery, creating an ambiance that blends history with contemporary style.

The establishment is known for its globally influenced menu, which includes a variety of shareable dishes, catering to a wide range of tastes, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. However, it’s the cocktail offerings that truly make James Avenue Pumphouse a must-visit spot.

Patrons enjoy a diverse selection of expertly crafted cocktails, served in an atmosphere that combines the building’s historical significance with a modern dining experience.

Popular among locals and visitors alike, the James Avenue Pumphouse stands out not only for its food and cocktails but also for its dedication to preserving a piece of Winnipeg’s history.

The unique setting and the lively atmosphere make it an ideal destination for those seeking an engaging and memorable cocktail experience in Winnipeg.

A cocktail from James Ave Pumphouse Winnipeg
Photo via Instagram @thepumphousefooddrink

Patent 5 Distillery and Tasting Room

Just off of the beautiful and historical Exchange District, Patent 5 Distillery and Tasting Room is a go-to destination for those looking to explore an extensive range of original and crafted cocktails.

The venue is lauded for its creative and ever-changing drink menu, which follows thematic inspirations, adding a unique and fun twist to the cocktail experience.

Customers have praised the atmosphere of Patent 5 as super fun and cool, with attentive and kind servers enhancing the overall experience. The distillery and tasting room has become known for its intriguing cocktail choices, including some very potent options, and the service is often described as great and funny.

The historic surroundings of the venue also contribute to its charm, making it not just a place to enjoy a drink, but an experience in itself.

A visit to Patent 5 offers a memorable experience with its unique setting, tasty cocktails, and welcoming staff. This makes it a recommended spot for both locals and visitors in Winnipeg looking for an enjoyable evening out with some great cocktails.

A bottle of gin and a cocktail in Patent 5 Distillery and Tasting Room Winnipeg
Photo via Instagram @patent5distillery

Amsterdam Tea Room and Bar

Amsterdam Tea Room and Bar in Downtown Winnipeg has garnered high praise for its unique concept that beautifully blends tea and alcohol.

This cocktail bar is renowned for its innovative cocktails, all infused with a broad variety of high-end teas, creating an unforgettable experience. Patrons have highlighted the beautiful and creative nature of the cocktails, which add an extra dimension to the bar’s atmosphere.

The venue’s ambiance in the buzzing Exchange District also receives accolades, contributing to its overall charm and appeal.

Customers appreciate the lovely atmosphere, great food, and perfect service, making it a highly recommended spot for both food and drinks.

And if you’re also looking for a bite, the bar’s take on traditional items like gnocchi, carrot hummus, petite beef tartare, soup and sandwich, and mussels marinara has been particularly well-received, showcasing the kitchen’s culinary skills alongside their beverage expertise.

Amsterdam Tea Room and Bar operates seven days a week, with hours extending from noon to midnight, offering ample opportunity for patrons to enjoy its unique offerings.

This bar stands out as a gem in Winnipeg’s culinary scene, especially for those looking to enjoy a relaxed yet intriguing atmosphere with exceptional drinks and food.

Cocktails served in Amsterdam Tea Room in Winnipeg
Photo via Instagram @amsterdamtearoomandbar

Rose Bar

Rose Bar, situated within Winnipeg’s vibrant Hargrave Street Market, offers a unique and sophisticated drinking experience.

This cocktail bar, known for its expertly crafted drinks, features a menu of hand-picked wines, local and imported beers, and signature craft cocktails, making it an ideal destination for both classic favorites and innovative blends.

The bar’s location in a bustling market area adds to its appeal, providing a lively and dynamic atmosphere. Patrons visiting Rose Bar can expect an environment that is both modern and inviting, ideal for social gatherings or a casual drink after work or just before a Jets game.

The Rose Bar’s ambiance, characterized by a blend of contemporary and comfortable settings, caters to a diverse crowd, making it a popular spot in the area.

Additionally, the staff at Rose Bar receive high praise for their creativity and passion, enhancing the overall experience with their knowledge and skill in mixology.

The combination of a high-quality drink menu, exceptional service, and a welcoming atmosphere positions Rose Bar as a standout destination for those seeking a memorable cocktail experience in Winnipeg’s Downtown area.

A variety of cocktails in the Rose Bar in Winnipeg's Hargrave St Market
Photo via Instagram @rosebarwpg

Cordova Tapas & Wine

Cordova Tapas & Wine in Winnipeg’s Exchange District excels in its cocktail offerings.

Located at 93 Albert St, it’s a go-to for cocktail lovers.

The bar’s menu features unique, flavorful cocktails. These drinks are crafted with creativity, offering a diverse selection.

Patrons enjoy these alongside a variety of modern European tapas. The cocktails are not just drinks but experiences, each with unique flavors and presentations.

The atmosphere at Cordova enhances the cocktail experience. It’s cozy, sophisticated, and ideal for an enjoyable evening.

The bar is a favorite in Winnipeg for those seeking innovative cocktails in a warm setting.

A cocktail in Cordova Tapas & Wine in Winnipeg
Photo by @cordovatapas

The Roost on Corydon

The Roost on Corydon in Winnipeg’s Little Italy area, is a quaint and whimsical spot, perfect for an evening of delightful cocktails and small plates.

Perched among the treetops, the cozy nook seating and dark granite bar lined with an array of spirits create an enchanting atmosphere. It’s a place where friends gather over glitter-dusted glasses and tables adorned with elegant eats, offering an experience that feels both enchanted and inviting.

The cocktail offerings at The Roost are a highlight, crafted with charm by co-owner Elsa Taylor. Each cocktail is a work of art, blending unique flavors and presentations that make the experience memorable.

But it’s not just about the drinks; Chef Sam Basset’s shareable plates are equally impressive. From fluffy steamed buns filled with juicy pulled pork to a vegetarian risotto lightened with aromatic dill and parsley, the menu is thoughtful and delicious.

The Roost’s location, comfortably located on Corydon ave., provides a cozy second-floor lounge and rooftop patio setting.

It’s ideal for those seeking clever cocktails, artful small plates, and a chic atmosphere. Open from Monday to Saturday until 2 am and Sunday until midnight, The Roost is a must-visit for those looking to enjoy Winnipeg’s cocktail scene in a magical setting.

The Roost on Corydon is also featured in our guide for the best restaurants in Winnipeg, as one of the best Vegan-Friendly restaurants in Winnipeg.

A cocktail from The Roost on Corydon, Winnipeg
Photo via Instagram @theroostwpg


Solera, tucked away in South Osborne, Winnipeg, is a hidden gem for cocktail aficionados. This clandestine bar, part of MDS Restaurant Group and located within Tabula Rasa, provides an ‘accidentally on purpose’ ship-themed room behind a secret door.

The space is adorned with ships, maps, and translucent backlit Byzantine wallpaper, creating an illusion of depth and intrigue. The bar’s design, featuring exposed brick and wine barrels, is a nod to the Solera process for producing sherry, with several sherries included in the cocktail menu.

The atmosphere at Solera is described as nautical but classy, with most of the design motifs sourced from a local vintage warehouse, adding to the bar’s unique character.

The kitchen, managed by Schafer and Thordarson of MDS, focuses on small tapas-style dishes. The menu includes items like stuffed dates with chorizo and spicy garlic prawns, all priced affordably.

But the main attraction at Solera is undoubtedly its drinks. The bar boasts a range of top-notch cocktails and wines, with the help of Lucy Bateman-Hatton from The Wine House. The cocktails, many featuring aged spirits, are crafted with precision and creativity.

A standout on the menu is the “Aloe Tokyo,” a refreshing blend that surprises patrons with its unique combination of flavors.

Solera is open for cocktails, tapas, and oysters from Tuesday to Thursday until 11 pm and extends its hours to 1 am on Friday and Saturday. The bar also offers the Tabula Rasa dining room menu.

This chic and cozy spot is perfect for those seeking a unique cocktail experience in a captivating setting.

A cocktail from Solero/Tabula Rasa, Winnipeg
Photo via Instagram @tabularasawpg

Thomas Hinds Sampling Room

Thomas Hinds Sampling Room in Winnipeg’s Downtown offers a unique experience that pairs smooth jazz, cigars, and a speakeasy atmosphere.

Stepping through its mysterious blue door transports you back to the roaring 20s, with a dark, moody art deco interior and a sophisticated vibe. It’s a fully licensed smoking room where guests can enjoy cigars and pipes along with elegant drinks and light snacks.

The ambiance is enhanced by nightly live jazz performances, and the space is welcoming to both cigar aficionados and those simply visiting for food and beverage.

With an extensive collection of over 300 cigars from various regions, including Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, there’s something for every taste. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to guide you through the perfect drink or food pairing.

The menu features cheese boards, charcuterie from Mona Lisa Restorante, mixed nuts, and pepperettes from Winnipeg Specialty Meats, providing a delightful accompaniment to the cigars and drinks.

Thomas Hinds Sampling Room, with its state-of-the-art ventilation systems, ensures a comfortable experience for all guests. The space, open from 12 PM to 1 AM on most days, caters to various needs, whether it’s for a romantic after-dinner spot, a night out with friends, or a corporate event.

This unique speakeasy in Winnipeg is a great choice for those seeking a smoky and sophisticated atmosphere combined with quality cigars, elegant drinks, and smooth jazz​.

A variety of cocktail from Thomas Hinds Sampling Room, Winnipeg
Photo via Instagram @thsamplingroom

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