The BEST 16 Italian Restaurants in Winnipeg You Must Try – A Complete Guide [2024]

A dish of spaghetti carbonara, with crispy pancetta - Winnipeg best Italian restaurants

Welcome to our gastronomic journey through Winnipeg’s Italian dining scene!

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect plate of pasta, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re dishing out our top picks for the best Italian restaurants Winnipeg has to offer. But we won’t stop there – we’re also serving up a neighborhood-by-neighborhood breakdown of the most delightful Italian eateries scattered across Winnipeg.

From the bustling heart of Downtown Winnipeg to the charming corners of St. Boniface, get ready to tuck into our comprehensive guide that’ll have you eating some Italian food like a local in no time.

Whether you’re a Winnipeg native or just passing through, these Italian gems are sure to add a dash of ‘la dolce vita’ to your dining experience.

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The Best Italian Restaurants in Winnipeg

Harth Mozza & Wine Bar

Harth Mozza & Wine Bar is where comfort meets class in Winnipeg’s St. Vital neighborhood.

It’s the kind of place you’ll want to come back to, with an ambiance that’s both stylish and welcoming. Here, every dish tells a story of Italian tradition, made with a twist of local love.

The antipasto is a crowd-pleaser, a generous spread of house-cured meats and cheeses that’s perfect for sharing.

For your main act, the wood-fired focaccia is the star of the show, kissed by the flames and blessed with a touch of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Harth Mozza & Wine Bar - One of the best Italian restaurants in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @harthwpg

And for those who adore cheese, the burrata-filled agnolotti will make your heart sing, swimming in a sweet corn puree that’s just the right kind of sweet.

So grab your friends, pull up a chair, and let Harth treat you to an Italian feast you won’t forget.

Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge

Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge is your go-to spot in Winnipeg for an authentic Italian dining experience. The moment you walk in, you’re met with the inviting scent of broiled sourdough, mingling with the rich notes of garlic and cheese. It’s the perfect place for both foodies and families to gather for a taste of Italy.

Dive into their menu and you’ll find gems like the Spaghetti con Polpette, where veal meatballs stuffed with prosciutto and asiago cheese sit atop a classic spaghetti, all smothered in a homemade sauce.

For those seeking a twist on comfort food, the Lobster Mac & Cheese offers a symphony of flavors, baked to a golden finish. And for a refreshing starter, the Tavola di Buratta pairs the creaminess of cheese with the tang of tomatoes and aged balsamic.

Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge - One of the best Italian restaurants in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @bellissimo_winnipeg

After a meal at Bellissimo, you’ll leave not just satisfied, but also feeling like you’ve been treated like family. It’s the kind of dinner that sticks with you, filled with flavors that bring a piece of Italy to Winnipeg.

Cibo Waterfront Cafe

Cibo Waterfront Cafe is Winnipeg’s own slice of Italy with a view. Right on the water’s edge, this place is where the city comes to chill and dine in style.

It’s casual yet chic, the kind of place where you can kick back with a plate of something delicious and just soak up the scenery.

Kick things off with their Pickerel Fritto – a local twist on a classic with crispy fish and a side of hot peppers. Or maybe go for the Arancini, golden and crispy on the outside with a gooey, cheesy heart.

Pastas? The Scampi is a must-try, with juicy tiger prawns and a kick of Calabrian chili that gives just the right amount of heat.

Cibo Waterfront Cafe - One of the best Italian restaurants in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @cibowaterfront

Cibo is where you come to unwind and tuck into some real good food, leaving you ready to stroll along the water or just sit back and watch the river flow by.

Cafe Carlo

Cafe Carlo is a cozy bistro in Winnipeg’s “Little Italy” area, known for its eclectic mix of flavors. It’s the spot where friends gather to share a meal that feels both adventurous and familiar.

The vibe is laid-back, and the food is all about sharing the good times.

Their menu features a variety of plates perfect for passing around the table. Start with their tender Lamb Meatballs, spiced up with ancho chile and cooled down with a zesty herb-lime yogurt.

The Bruschetta is a hit too, piled high with pesto, veggies, and melted cheese. For pasta lovers, the Fett Chile (fettuccine) is a showstopper, with its spicy cream sauce and hearty mix of chicken and chorizo.

Cafe Carlo - One of the best Italian restaurants in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @cafecarlo

After a meal at Cafe Carlo, you’ll leave full and happy, with memories of flavors that pack a punch.

It’s the kind of place that keeps you coming back, whether for the laid-back atmosphere, the friendly faces, or another helping of that Fett Chile. In Winnipeg’s dining scene, Cafe Carlo stands out as a spot that’s all about great Italian food and great company.

Tre Visi Cafe

Tre Visi Cafe brings a taste of Italy right to the heart of Winnipeg. This charming spot is where the locals go for authentic Italian flavors.

It’s a place that feels both elegant and easygoing, perfect for a dinner that’s about good food and good times.

Their menu is a treasure trove of Italian classics. Start with the Gamberetti Genovese, prawns in a rich pesto cream that’s utterly moreish. Or try the Farfalle Tre Visi, a dish that perfectly balances the heat from spicy sausage with the sweetness of red pepper.

Tre Visi Cafe - One of the best Italian restaurants in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @tre_visi_cafe

And if you’re up for pasta, the Capellini Dorati is a luxurious choice with scallops and prawns in a delicate saffron cream.

Ending your meal at Tre Visi Cafe is like saying goodbye to an old friend—you’re already looking forward to the next visit. Whether it’s the cozy ambiance or the spot-on flavors of their Linguine Adriatica, this cafe is a little piece of Italy that Winnipeggers are proud to call their own.

Italian Restaurants in River Heights

Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto is a staple in River Heights, not just for its stellar Italian menu, but also for being a local favorite among pizza aficionados.

It’s where the community comes together over a pie that’s a cut above the rest, featured in our article about Winnipeg’s best pizzas.

Diving into their offerings, “The Don” is an absolute must-try, boasting a rich, spicy tomato base topped with porchetta and Genoa salami, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Pasta lovers are in for a treat with the “Cacio e Pepe,” a minimalist masterpiece, while the “Vongole” offers a sumptuous take on seafood pasta with its white wine-infused clams.

Pizzeria Gusto - Great Italian restaurant in the heart of River Heights, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @pizzeriagusto

After a meal at Pizzeria Gusto, you’ll walk out satisfied, already feeling like a regular. It’s the spot where the pizza does the talking – and trust us, it’s got plenty to say.

It’s clear why this place is a local hangout; it’s the food as much as the friendly vibe that draws a crowd.

Bonfire Bistro

Bonfire Bistro in River Heights is where locals flock for a cozy yet lively dining experience. Known for its wood-fired flavors and homey feel, it’s the place where great food sets the stage for memorable evenings.

Starting with their antipasti, the Bruschetta with baked goat cheese is a favorite, blending the freshness of basil pesto and tomato.

Bonfire Bistro - Great Italian restaurant in the heart of River Heights, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @bonfirebistro

Don’t miss out on their pizzas, especially the Mushroom & Maple Bacon, a harmony of earthy mushrooms and sweet, smoky bacon atop a creamy garlic sauce. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Spicy Prawn pizza with its sriracha drizzle adds just the right kick.

At Bonfire Bistro you leave with the kind of comfort that only a neighborhood bistro can provide. It’s not just the warmth of the pizza oven that brings people back, but the warmth of a community gathering around great food.


Enoteca is not your traditional Italian spot; it’s a modern culinary adventure in River Heights. With a focus on inventive dishes, Enoteca remixes Italian classics with a creative twist, making each visit a new experience.

Their menu is an exploration of flavors. Start with their sourdough toasts; the chicken liver mousse with sour cherry compote is a must-try.

For pasta, the baked ricotta gnocchi in duck sugo is a rich, decadent affair, while the ‘Mac & Cheese’ with smoked paprika offers a smoky take on the comfort food classic.

The spaghetti tossed in brown butter and miso is a fusion you never knew you needed.

Enoteca - Great modern Italian restaurant in the heart of River Heights, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @yourenoteca

Enoteca’s approach to Italian dining is refreshingly unique. This is modern dining at its best – familiar yet thrilling, and always leaving you excited for the next visit.

Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano

Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano is a fixture in River Heights, serving up traditional Italian fare with a generous side of charm.

It’s the spot where families gather and friends meet to share a meal that feels like a celebration every time.

Their antipasto offerings are a perfect prelude to any meal. The Pane Fritto, fluffy homemade dough, is a simple pleasure, especially when dipped in tomato sauce.

Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano - Great Italian restaurant in the heart of River Heights, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @monalisacorydon

For the main event, the Gamberi (tiger prawns) sautéed in lemon butter is a dish that’s both comforting and indulgent. And if pasta is calling your name, you can’t go wrong with the rich layers of their classic Lasagne.

Mona Lisa Ristorante isn’t just another Italian restaurant, it’s a piece of Italian heritage right here in Winnipeg, inviting you to return time and again.

Italian Restaurants in Downtown Winnipeg

The Mitchell Block

The Mitchell Block is a standout spot in Downtown Winnipeg’s Exchange District, renowned for its fresh, house-made Italian dishes.

It’s the perfect fusion of a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of culinary sophistication, ideal for both casual lunches and intimate dinners.

When you drop by, their starters set the stage. The Market Salad, with its vibrant mix of veggies and tangy dijon-cider dressing, is a refreshing opener.

For pasta, you can’t miss the Sriracha Infused Macaroni & Cheese – it’s a zesty twist on a classic comfort dish.

The Mitchell Block - Great Italian restaurant in Downtown Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @themitchellblock

And pizza lovers will enjoy the House-Made Chorizo pizza, with its unique blend of spicy sausage and sweet pineapple.

The Mitchell Block is a place where every dish is crafted with care and served up with a smile, making it a local favorite for anyone craving a genuine Italian meal in Downtown Winnipeg.

Gusto North

Gusto North brings an Italian flair to Winnipeg’s Hargrave Street Market with a menu that sings with local ingredients and Italian traditions. This modern eatery is where culinary craft meets a casual, vibrant dining space.

Kick off with their Arancini, where the earthiness of seasonal mushrooms meets the richness of taleggio.

The Primavara pasta is a celebration of simplicity and freshness, perfect for a light yet satisfying meal. And if you’re there for pizza, the DeNiro with its unique blend of red pepper sauce and prosciutto crudo is a must-try.

Gusto North - Great Italian restaurant in Downtown Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @gustonorthwpg

Eating at Gusto North is an experience that extends beyond the plate. It’s a lively piece of Italy in the heart of Hargrave Street Market, perfect for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner. It’s about enjoying the moment, the meal, and the company you’re with – Italian-style.

Italian Restaurants in Corydon (“Little Italy”)

Tommy’s Pizzeria

Tommy’s Pizzeria stands out as Corydon Avenue’s gem for pizza aficionados in Winnipeg.

This cozy joint is where the neighborhood flocks for a true taste of Italy. Its laid-back charm invites you to unwind and savor the moment, bite by bite.

And if you’re visiting there on a nice sunny summer day, you’ll love their amazing patio. You can sit under the shade of a lovely apple tree and devour a hot slice of pizza.

Now let’s talk favorites – the Burrata is a must-try, featuring pesto and chili oil that dance on the palate.

When it comes to their pizzas, ‘Nick Bean (Margherita)’ is simplicity perfected, while the ‘Willy Chapman (Basil Pesto)’ is a bold blend that’ll leave you craving more.

Their pastas? The ‘Carbonara’ is a classic, done right, every single time.

Tommy's Pizzeria - Great Italian restaurant on Corydon Ave. Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @tommysoncorydon

Remember to save room for dessert because you won’t want to miss out on their ‘Crème Brûlée Cheesecake’. It’s a creamy dream come true.

Tommy’s is the go-to for those who love their Italian eats rich in flavor and rooted in tradition. Next time you’re near Little Italy, give Tommy’s a visit – it’s the neighborhood’s not-so-secret recipe for a memorable meal.


Cafe22 welcomes you with open arms and the comforting aroma of Italian cooking. It’s the go-to spot for a laid-back meal in a friendly setting. Here, they pride themselves on stone-fired perfection and a menu that’s as varied as it is tempting.

Kick off your meal with the Antipasto, a generous platter of Fior di Latte cheese, provolone, Genoa salami, prosciutto, and mixed olives, all paired with homemade crostini.

Pizza enthusiasts will savor the ‘Classic’ stone-fired pizza, featuring the simple pleasures of pepperoni and mushrooms.

Cafe22 - Great Italian restaurant on Corydon Ave. Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @cafe22corydon

For something a bit different, try the ‘Detroit Style Pizza’, with its distinctively crispy edges and soft, airy dough.

As for the finale, their homemade Cheesecake is a revelation, with flavors that surprise and delight each time.

Cafe22 is a place that scores big with those who love their meals hearty and their ambiance cozy — a true slice of Italy right where you need it.


Passero shakes up the conventional dining scene with its vibrant sharing-style menu. It’s all about communal dining here, making every meal a shared adventure.

Begin with their warm castelvetrano olives, the perfect nibble to start your feast.

The arancini balls are not to be missed, with crimini mushroom and green goddess sauce offering a warm welcome.

Don’t overlook the burrata with confit summer tomatoes; it’s a creamy dream that pairs beautifully with sourdough.

Moving on to mains, the chefs at Passero skillfully balance flavors. The ‘chicken parm bianco’ is a refreshing take on a classic, served piece by piece to savor.

If pasta calls your name, the spaghetti carbonara with its rich garbanzo cream is a must. And for the seafood lover, calamari fritti offers a crispy, golden delight.

Passero - Great Italian restaurant on Corydon Ave. Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @passerorestaurant

End on a sweet note with their lemon mascarpone cheesecake. It’s a zesty, creamy finish to a memorable meal.

Passero’s approach to dining is simple: come together, share, and enjoy every last bite. It’s the kind of place that turns a meal into an experience. So grab some friends and make some memories at Passero.

Colosseo Ristorante Italiano

Colosseo Ristorante Italiano is a cornerstone of tradition, offering an authentic Italian dining experience. As you step in, you’re greeted by the cozy ambiance that promises an evening of culinary delight.

The menu is a testament to classic Italian flavors. Start with their ‘Calamari Fritti’, a fan favorite for a tantalizing beginning.

For your main course, the ‘Linguine alla Pescatora’ comes highly recommended, brimming with seafood goodness. The ‘Pizza Build Your Own’ option also stands out, allowing diners to craft their perfect pie with fresh ingredients.

Conclude your visit with a slice of Italy at Colosseo. It’s where every dish is crafted with care and every flavor tells the story of a rich culinary heritage.

Colosseo Ristorante Italiano - Great Italian restaurant on Corydon Ave. Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @colosseo_ristorante

Italian Restaurants in St. Boniface

Pasquale’s Italian Ristorante

Pasquale’s Italian Ristorante, located in the vibrant neighborhood of St. Boniface in Winnipeg, is a local favorite for Italian dining.

This family-run establishment exudes a welcoming vibe, inviting diners into a space that feels like a cozy corner of Italy. With its lively atmosphere and the aroma of authentic Italian cooking, it’s easy to see why this spot is beloved by locals.

Diving into the menu, the “Antipasto Misto” is a perfect start. It’s a generous platter of Italian meats, cheeses, olives, and homemade bread, ideal for sharing.

When it comes to mains, the “Lasagna al Forno” stands out. It skillfully layers noodles, tomato sauce, beef, onions, and a blend of mozzarella and parmesan, delivering a classic Italian taste.

For pizza lovers, “Pasquale’s Special” is a must-try. It’s topped with a hearty mix of pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, bacon, and Italian sausage, encapsulating the rich flavors of Italy.

Pasquale's Italian Ristorante - Great Italian restaurant in St. Boniface Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @pasqualesrest

If you’re hanging around St. Boniface and have a hankering for some real-deal Italian grub, you’ve got to check out Pasquale’s Italian Ristorante. It’s like stepping right into a little slice of Italy, right here in Winnipeg.

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