Where to Eat in Charleswood, Winnipeg – A Guide to Charleswood Restaurants [2023]

A plate of souvlaki, a Greek dish that can be found in Charleswood restaurants.

Welcome to our exclusive exploration of the best restaurants in Charleswood!

We’ve embarked on a culinary journey through Charleswood, savoring every bite at local dining spots. Our mission? To bring you an authentic guide to the area’s finest eateries.

We’re not just any reviewers. Our team personally visited each establishment. We’ve tasted their specialties, experienced their ambiance, and interacted with their staff. This article is our first-hand account, crafted for food enthusiasts seeking the best local flavors.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, our guide to the best restaurants in Charleswood, Winnipeg, is your key to discovering culinary delights that are both hidden and celebrated.

From cozy family-run spots to innovative culinary ventures, we’ve covered it all. Get ready to embark on a tantalizing journey through Charleswood’s best dining experiences!

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Taverna Rodos Restaurant & Lounge

Taverna Rodos Restaurant & Lounge is a true Winnipeg highlight, offering a menu brimming with Greek delights.

From the creamy Avgolemono Soup to the rich flavors of the Mediterranean flatbread, every dish promises a taste of Greece.

During my visit, the Triple Dip Platter stood out, a medley of hummus, tzatziki, and tirokafteri, paired with warm pita.

The Baked Eggplant, rich and satisfying, was another highlight, its marinara and cheese a testament to simple ingredients making the biggest impact.

And for a classic choice, their Souvlaki skewers were grilled to perfection, oozing with Hellenic charm.

Taverna Rodos - A great Greek restaurant in the heart of Charleswood Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @taverna_rodos

Taverna Rodos is more than a meal; it’s a culinary journey. It’s the kind of place where each bite tells a story, from the zesty tzatziki to the savory spanakopita.

As I left, already reminiscing about the flavors, I knew this spot deserved its place among the best restaurants in Charleswood.

Sorrento’s Bar & Pizzeria

Sorrento’s Bar & Pizzeria is a cornerstone in Winnipeg’s culinary landscape, celebrated for its authentic Italian offerings.

The kitchen’s heart and soul are evident in dishes like the beloved Lasagna, rich with traditional beef and layers of pasta. For something lighter, the Chicken Mushroom Tortellini beckons with its sumptuous tomato cream sauce.

Sorrentos - Great Italian cuisine in the heart of Charleswood.
photo via Instagram @sorrentospizza

Each visit to Sorrento’s promises a blend of classic charm and innovative flavors. The menu is a testament to Italian culinary traditions, yet each dish offers a fresh perspective.

With such a varied and vibrant selection, Sorrento’s stands out as a beacon for those seeking Italian cuisine in Charleswood.

Capital Grill & Bar

Capital Grill & Bar is where Chef Wayne Martin’s culinary prowess comes to life. It’s a place where comfort food gets an upscale twist, with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The Butternut Squash Soup is a velvety starter, while the Grilled NY Steak Salad, with its tender Angus steak and bold blue cheese, is a standout.

The Seared Rare Tuna Nicoise Salad is a masterpiece of flavors and textures.

For larger plates, the Rigatoni Pasta, with its rich beef short rib ragout, is a testament to Chef Martin’s expertise. The Chipotle BBQ Baby Back Ribs are a must-try, smoky and succulent.

Capital Grill - A great grill & bar near the Assiniboine park, in Charleswood.
photo via Instagram @capitalroblin

Located conveniently near Assiniboine Park Zoo, Capital Grill & Bar is the ideal spot for both everyday dining and special occasions.

The ambiance marries casual with sophistication, making it a perfect backdrop for enjoying Chef Martin’s “renewed classics”.

Whether you’re in for a quick bite or a lavish meal, this place is a culinary gem in Charleswood’s dining scene.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express on Roblin Blvd is a local favorite for those craving authentic Italian-American cuisine in Winnipeg.

Their menu, an ode to classic comfort food, features Baba’s Perogy Bites—a delightful homage to tradition with a crispy twist.

The Christos Cheese Toast transforms a simple loaf into a garlicky, cheesy delight, perfect as a starter.

The main event, their pizzas, from the robust All Meat Pizza to the inventive Butter Chicken Pizza, cater to all palates.

The Perogy Pizza is a standout, creatively fusing two comfort foods into one. For pasta lovers, the Baked Chicken Fettuccini, rich and creamy, is a must-try.

Pizza Express - A great pizza place in Charleswood, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @pizzaexpressbdn

With a warm and inviting atmosphere, Pizza Express is the go-to spot for both families and friends. Their commitment to quality and flavor shines through in every dish.

This establishment truly captures the essence of a neighborhood gem, serving up slices of joy to the Winnipeg community.

Pappas Greek Food & Steak

Pappas Greek Food & Steak offers a taste of Greece right in the calm Winnipeg neighborhood of Charleswood.

Their appetizers, like the classic Feta, Olives & Pita, set the stage for a Mediterranean feast. For a starter, the Tzatziki & Pita is a refreshing choice, and the Calamari is a must-try, with its crisp exterior and tender interior.

The pizza selection at Pappas is diverse, with the Pappas Special being a local favorite, generously topped with a variety of meats and veggies.

For those preferring something from the grill, the Ribeye Steak is cooked to perfection, flavorful and juicy.

Pappas Greek Food & Steak is a celebration of Greek cuisine and hospitality.

Whether it’s for a family dinner or a special celebration, the restaurant’s ambience and menu promise a memorable dining experience, with dishes prepared to impress and satisfy any craving for authentic Greek flavors.

Bluestone Cottage

Bluestone Cottage embodies the essence of a cozy café, its menu bursting with fresh, seasonally inspired offerings.

The breakfast selections, served all day, cater to both traditional and inventive tastes. For a hearty start, the Steak & Eggs pairs succulent steak with vibrant salsa verde.

The Shakshuka, a symphony of poached eggs in a tomato sauce, is a flavorful nod to international cuisine.

Their lunch options, like the Vegan “Caesar” Salad and the Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich, offer a delightful midday repast.

The Chicken Brie Melt, with wild mushrooms and arugula, is a standout for a satisfying lunch.

Bluestone Cafe - A charming and cozy Cafe in the heart of Charleswood, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @bluestonecottage

Bluestone Cottage is a haven for those seeking a comforting meal in a relaxed setting. Their commitment to quality ingredients and a warm atmosphere makes it a cherished spot.

Whether you’re stopping by for a solo coffee or a leisurely lunch, the Bluestone Cottage experience is one that invites you to savor every moment.

The White House Restaurant

The White House Restaurant in Charleswood stands out for its classic comfort dishes, expertly prepared to satisfy those BBQ cravings.

Their ribs, slow-roasted and basted in signature WH BBQ Sauce, are a testament to their dedication to flavor. The Grilled Chicken Breast, marinated and grilled to tender perfection, offers a lighter yet equally satisfying option.

For handhelds, the WH Original Burger, with its house-made beef patty and crisp pancetta, is a must-try. Pair it with their seasoned fries for a full meal. The Farmer’s Sandwich, with locally sourced sausage, is another flavorful choice, bringing a taste of the prairie to the table.

This local spot is a haven for those seeking hearty meals in a casual setting. Whether you’re indulging in their mains, enjoying a handcrafted burger, or treating yourself to a side of their famous poutine, The White House Restaurant delivers quality and comfort with every dish.

Alena Rustic Italian

Alena Rustic Italian offers a culinary journey steeped in tradition.

To start, the Garlic Butter Knots set the tone with their aromatic allure, followed by the Slow Simmered Meatballs, each bite rich with beef, pork, and veal.

For the main course, the Pappardelle Cinghiale with Tuscan-style braised wild boar showcases the robust flavors of the Italian countryside.

From the oven emerges the Alena Pizza, a harmonious blend of garlic cream, prosciutto, and Burrata, while the Spicy Marinara pizza adds a kick with Calabrian chili. The simplicity of the Margherita remains a timeless choice.

Alena Rustic Italian - A great Italian restaurant in Charleswood, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @alenawinnipeg

Alena Rustic Italian is not just a meal; it’s an experience of rustic elegance and flavors that resonate with authenticity. It’s where every dish is prepared with a passion for the storied culinary traditions of Italy.

For other great Italian choices, don’t miss our complete guide for the Best Italian Restaurants in Winnipeg.

Sushi Dojo

Sushi Dojo in Winnipeg offers an extensive selection of traditional and innovative Japanese cuisine. Their menu encompasses a wide array of sushi and sashimi, featuring both classic rolls and unique creations that cater to the tastes of sushi aficionados and novices alike.

Patrons can enjoy a variety of nigiri, hand rolls, and maki, along with an assortment of tempura, donburi, and udon noodle dishes.

For those looking for a more curated experience, Sushi Dojo also provides chef’s special platters and combination meals.

Vegetarian options are well represented, ensuring there’s something for every diner. From the freshness of the fish to the skillful preparation of each dish, Sushi Dojo aims to deliver an authentic sushi bar experience.

The Tang Chinese Food

The Tang Chinese Food offers a comprehensive menu full of traditional Chinese dishes. For starters, diners can indulge in classic appetizers like egg rolls and pan-fried dumplings. The soup selection features favorites such as Wonton Soup and the spicy Hot and Sour Soup.

The noodle dishes are diverse, with options like Pan Fried Noodles and Cantonese Noodles, available with a variety of proteins or as a deluxe version with multiple toppings.

The entrées cover a range of Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Seafood dishes, including popular picks like Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls and Kung Pao Chicken.

For larger groups or those looking to sample different flavors, The Tang also offers Dinner combinations suitable for one to six people.

In addition to the menu, positive reviews often highlight the quality of the food, the generous portion sizes, and the authenticity of the flavors.

Diners frequently commend the restaurant for its consistent taste and the welcoming service, making The Tang a favored spot for Chinese cuisine enthusiasts.

The Thirsty Lion Tavern

The Thirsty Lion Tavern is a lively pub known for its warm ambiance and enticing daily specials that keep the regulars coming back.

Nacho Mondays feature traditional and Irish nachos, with a special on Caesars to kickstart the week.

Wing Night Tuesdays offer wings at a great price, while Wine Wednesdays please the vino enthusiasts with discounts on bottles.

Thirsty Thursdays continue the trend with more wings, and Fridays celebrate the weekend’s arrival with buy one, get one half off (BOGOHO) appetizers.

The Thirsty Lion Tavern - A great old-school pub in Charleswood, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @thirstyliontavern

The weekend sees Bud Saturdays with deals on pizzas and Jagerbombs, while Bubba Sundays round off the week with special pricing on Bubba Burgers and signature cocktails.

The Thirsty Lion Tavern is the go-to place for those looking to unwind with good food, drinks, and company any day of the week.

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