Best 5 Breakfasts in Winnipeg in 2022

Top 5 breakfasts in Winnipeg in 2022

Many of our readers told us that the time has come to compose the definitive list of the best breakfast in Winnipeg.

When it comes to brunch in the Peg, you have a lot of choice.

From all-day diners, to high-end restaurants, and sweet spots in between, finding a good spot for that weekend indulgence is easy enough.

Whether you’re looking for a classic breakfast poutine or your eggs benny, there’s a lot of great places to get your brunch on in Winnipeg.

There are a few that stand out from the crowd of mediocre eateries, too.

So, we took upon ourselves the exhausting task (😉) of checking some of the greatest places in Winnipeg that serve a killer breakfast.

We only checked locally owned establishments, and no nation-wide chains will be included in this list.

Pauline (Norwood Hotel)

To get to this well decorated French Bistro, you’ll have to pass the rather dated lobby of Norwood Hotel.

Pauline Bistro is only open for brunch, daily between 9AM-2PM, and although they do not have a vast diner-like menu,

the few dishes that they serve are right on spot.

Their Benny is amazing, served with their well seasoned hash browns, and fantastic hollandaise sauce.

But the highlight of their menu is probably the changing daily omelette.

We were lucky enough to get a great omelette with chorizos, goat cheese and bell peppers.

And maybe some few last words about the atmosphere of this place – As appropriate to a restaurant in St. Boniface, Pauline Bistro definitely rocks the French bistro atmosphere.

For a nice morning hour you could think that you’re actually in Paris.

Where 112 Marion Street, right off St. Mary’s bridge.

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The Velvet Glove (Hotel Fairmont)

Our 2nd pick in this list can also be found in a hotel downtown, this time in the lobby of Hotel Fairmont.

The Velvet Glove restaurant is a classic. Yes, the decor might look a little outdated, but we think it gives this wonderful restaurant its vibe.

After being closed throughout most of the COVID pandemic, this April (just in time for Easter) the veteran establishment has opened once again.

You might not find modern and out-breaking takes on your beloved benny here, but you will find the best versions of classic breakfast dishes.

And if you want to break the rules just a little bit, we recommend their Avocado Toast. That’s avocado on naan bread with poached eggs, some greens and tomato & basil salad – what’s not to like?

When – The Velvet Glove breakfast-brunch is served weekdays 7am-10am, Sat. 8am-11am, Sun. 8am-12pm.

WhereHotel Fairmont, 2 Lombard Place.

Joy Coffee Bar (Charleswood)

Now here’s for something a little different.

Forget about your typical North American breakfast, and brace yourself for an Israeli-Mediterranean one.

The lovely neighborhood of Charleswood is not packed with restaurants, but this little Café is sure worth the drive if you don’t live near by.

Founded by a former Israeli, this coffee bar offers a fantastic Israeli breakfast.

So what’s an Israeli breakfast you must be asking yourself.

An Israeli breakfast will usually consist of eggs of your choosing as well as many fresh salads, toppings, cheese and spreads straight from the Mediterranean.

If you’d like to broaden your breakfast horizons just a bit more, don’t hesitate trying their steamy Original Red Shakshuka – 2 eggs in a hot red tomato sauce and peppers served with salad, buns and tahini.

Oh, and maybe one last thing – They have the best Cappuccino in town.

Where 3311 Roblin Blvd

When – Open Tue-Sun until 3PM (closed on Mondays).

Stella’s (Multiple)

Although Stella’s has become quite the establishment with several locations here in Winnipeg, they are locally owned and originally from here.

Now we know that almost every Winnipegger knows Stella’s, but no breakfast list in Winnipeg is complete without it.

Stella’s rocks a pretty wide and vast breakfast menu, and we’re sure that everyone will find something to enjoy.

Our absolute favourite is their Mexican Breakfast – two sunny side eggs, soft corn tortillas, refried beans, cheddar cheese, green onion & tomato. With salsa, guacamole, cilantro sauce & hash browns. Just perfect!

Where Multiple locations, see their website.

When – All Stella’s restaurants are open daily 7am-10pm.

Juneberry (St. Vital)

In the heart of St. Vital, on St. Mary’s rd. you’ll find this modern breakfast place.

First let’s start with the scenery.

Juneberry is sitting comfortably across from where the Red River bends, with some great views of the water front.

And now for the food – Juneberry offers some great modern and international variations of great breakfast dishes.

You can find here anything from your classic eggs benedict to a breakfast banh-mi.

So if you find yourself in that side of the Red River, Juneberry is a must-visit breakfast joint.

Where 531 St Mary’s Rd.

When – Open daily, 9am-3pm.

Are you looking for more great eateries in Winnipeg?

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