24 Must-Visit Breakfast Spots in Winnipeg [2024]

A photo of a classic breakfast dish, with bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes and hashbrowns

Many of our readers told us that the time has come to compose the definitive list of the best breakfast in Winnipeg.

When it comes to brunch in the Peg, you have a lot of choice.

From all-day diners, to high-end restaurants, and sweet spots in between, finding a good spot for that weekend indulgence is easy enough.

Whether you’re looking for a classic breakfast poutine or your eggs benny, there’s a lot of great places to get your brunch on in Winnipeg.

There are a few that stand out from the crowd of mediocre eateries, too.

So, we took upon ourselves the exhausting task (😉) of checking some of the greatest places in Winnipeg that serve a killer breakfast.

We only checked locally owned establishments, and no nation-wide chains will be included in this list.

Great addition to any Winnipeg breakfast
photo by Assaf Duvdevani


To get to Pauline, you’ll find yourself transported to a charming French bistro after navigating through the slightly dated lobby of the Norwood Hotel.

Operating exclusively as a brunch destination, Pauline Bistro welcomes guests each day between 9 AM and 2 PM.
While their menu may not be as extensive as a traditional diner’s, the select dishes they offer are nothing short of exquisite.

Their Eggs Benedict is a standout, accompanied by perfectly seasoned hash browns and a mouthwatering hollandaise sauce.
However, the true star of their menu might just be the ever-changing daily omelette. During our visit, we were fortunate to savor a delectable omelette filled with spicy chorizo, creamy goat cheese, and vibrant bell peppers.

As for the ambiance of this delightful spot, it captures the essence of a classic St. Boniface French bistro.
Spending a leisurely morning here, you could easily imagine yourself sipping coffee on a Parisian sidewalk.

With its enchanting atmosphere, Pauline Bistro is the perfect place to start your day on a high note.

Pauline Bistro - One of the best breakfast places in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @paulinebistro

The Velvet Glove

The Velvet Glove, situated in Winnipeg’s Fairmont Hotel, presents a breakfast menu that’s a blend of classic charm and contemporary flair.

This restaurant stands out for its commitment to accommodating a variety of dietary needs, making it a welcoming spot for every diner.

My visit to The Velvet Glove was marked by an atmosphere that combines sophistication with a relaxed vibe, ideal for a morning meal.

The Avocado Toast is a highlight, with its harmonious blend of poached eggs, avocado, and a fresh tomato & basil salad atop naan bread.

For those seeking a more traditional breakfast, The Manitoban offers a fulfilling combination of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and potatoes.

Not to be overlooked, the Vegan Toast offers a delightful plant-based option, featuring scrambled tofu, vegetables, and rye toast.

Concluding a meal at The Velvet Glove leaves one impressed with the variety and quality of their offerings. The attentive staff are eager to customize meals, enhancing the overall experience.

Whether you’re in the mood for a substantial breakfast or a lighter, nutritious start to your day, The Velvet Glove in Winnipeg’s Fairmont Hotel offers a memorable dining experience.

The Velvet Glove - A classic and great breakfast place in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @fairmontwinnipeg

Clementine Cafe

Clementine Cafe, located in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, offers an innovative and diverse breakfast menu that stands out for its creative twists on classic dishes.

The cafe’s ambiance is both welcoming and stylish, making it a perfect spot for a morning meal.

The menu at Clementine Cafe is a testament to their culinary creativity. For a unique start to your day, the Turkish Eggs with poached eggs, hummus, chili butter, zhoug, and sourdough toast is a must-try. It combines traditional elements with a modern flair.

Another standout dish is the Chorizo Verde Tostada, which perfectly balances the flavors of chorizo, avocado crema, cotija, and a fried egg, topped with pickled pineapple and cilantro.

Don’t miss the Braised Bacon Benedict, a luxurious take on a breakfast classic, featuring thick-cut braised bacon and brown butter hollandaise on a buttermilk biscuit.

Clementine Cafe truly excels in offering a memorable breakfast experience. Their menu caters to a variety of tastes, ensuring that every diner finds something to love. Whether you’re in the mood for something adventurous or a comforting classic with a twist, Clementine Cafe is a breakfast destination worth exploring.

Park Cafe

Park Cafe, located in Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park, presents an appealing breakfast menu that combines traditional favorites with unique culinary twists. With its warm atmosphere and focus on fresh, local ingredients, this cafe is a go-to destination for breakfast lovers.

For a classic breakfast experience, the Park Breakfast is a great choice, featuring eggs, hash browns, and your choice of meat, providing a fulfilling start to the day.

For those seeking something different, the Falafel Breakfast stands out with its crispy house-made falafel balls, red pepper hummus, tzatziki, and grilled pita.

The menu also offers a variety of Eggs Benedict options, including the unique Pork Belly Benedict and Smoked Salmon Benedict, each served with creamy hollandaise and hash browns.

Park Cafe’s commitment to quality and variety is evident in every dish. Whether you’re craving a traditional breakfast or want to explore more adventurous options, Park Cafe in Assiniboine Park offers a memorable dining experience with something for every palate.


Juneberry, set across from the Red River in St. Vital, stands out with its unique breakfast offerings.

The cafe’s modern decor complements its innovative menu.

Their Juneberry Pancakes, lemon poppyseed soufflé pancakes topped with whipped mascarpone, are a must-try. The Beef Short Rib Hash is another highlight, combining savory flavors in a satisfying meal.

Experiencing breakfast at Juneberry is always memorable. Each dish is crafted with care, balancing traditional flavors with creative twists.

The tranquil view of the Red River adds to the dining experience, making it more than just a meal.

In conclusion, Juneberry is a key destination for breakfast lovers in Winnipeg. Its combination of a serene location, creative cuisine, and welcoming ambiance makes it a standout. Whether you’re craving sweet or savory, Juneberry offers a dish to satisfy every palate.

And if you’re planning on visiting there during the weekend, we suggest you book a table in advance.

Juneberry Winnipeg - One of the best modern breakfast places in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @juneberrywpg

Marion Street Eatery

Marion Street Eatery, known for its cozy yet contemporary setting, offers a diverse breakfast menu. Located in the lively Winnipeg neighborhood of St. Boniface, it’s a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

The menu at Marion Street Eatery features a range of delightful dishes.

The Whiskey Apple Pancake Bowl is particularly noteworthy, with mini pancakes drenched in whiskey apple caramel and topped with Chaeban mascarpone and bacon.

For savory lovers, the Brisket Hash stands out with its soft poached eggs, pickled onion, Sriracha aioli, and microgreens over cubed hash. The Mushroom Toast, with its blend of sautéed mushrooms and herbs on Tall Grass sourdough, is another must-try.

Concluding a meal at Marion Street Eatery leaves guests satisfied and eager to return. Its inviting atmosphere, combined with a menu that caters to various tastes, makes it a standout breakfast destination.

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, their dishes are sure to delight.

Marion Street Eatery - A great brunch restaurant in the heart of St. Boniface Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @marionstreeteatery

La Crêperie Ker Breizh

La Crêperie Ker Breizh, located in a charming corner of Winnipeg’s Downtown, offers a quaint yet delightful dining experience. Though their breakfast menu isn’t extensive, each dish is crafted with finesse, making it a highly recommended spot.

For breakfast, ‘Le réveil-matin’ is a classic choice, blending scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, and a savory mushroom sauce.

‘La Canadienne’ offers a taste of local flavors with cottage bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs, maple syrup, and cheese.

The lunch items, like ‘La Savoyarde’ with Trappist cheese, potatoes, onions, and ham, also make for a great brunch option.

La Crêperie Ker Breizh may have a concise menu, but its quality and flavor-packed dishes make it a must-visit for breakfast or brunch. The cozy ambiance and delicious offerings like ‘La Ker Brie’ with cooked apples, nuts, Brie, jam, and honey, ensure a delightful and memorable meal.

La Crêperie Ker Breizh - A cozy breakfast place in Down Town Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @lacreperiekerbreizh

French Way Café

French Way Café, with its chic Parisian flair, is a culinary highlight in Winnipeg’s vibrant dining scene. This café offers a menu brimming with sweet treats and savory delights, perfect for breakfast enthusiasts.

Their breakfast menu is a tapestry of flavors. The Classic Breakfast is a fulfilling start, while the Pharaohs Mediterranean Escape promises a unique twist with its soft poached eggs and babaganoush.

The Granola Bowl is a hit for those seeking a lighter yet flavorful option. For brunch, the Strawberry Crepes are irresistible, and the Turkey Brie crepe is an indulgent treat with turkey, cranberries, and Brie cream sauce.

At French Way Café, the combination of classic French cuisine and a cozy Winnipeg charm ensures each visit is delightful. It’s a place where both the sweet and savory crepes leave a lasting impression, making it a beloved spot for a meal any time of the day.

French Way Cafe - A great breakfast spot in Winnipeg's Little Italy area
photo via Instagram @frenchwaycafe

Pineridge Hollow

Pineridge Hollow, located a short drive from Winnipeg, in the picturesque Birds Hill Park, is a culinary destination worth exploring.

Altough it’s outside the city, the journey is rewarded with a delightful breakfast and brunch menu.

For breakfast, their Lemon Ricotta Buttermilk Pancakes are heavenly choice, while the Breakfast Polenta with squash polenta, crispy Brussels sprouts, and pork belly is a savory delight.

With its scenic surroundings and delectable menu, Pineridge Hollow is an ideal escape for those looking to indulge in a leisurely meal amidst nature’s beauty.

A photo of breakfast served in Pineridge Hollow in Birds Hill Park, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @pineridgehollow

Oval Room Brasserie

The Oval Room at the Fort Garry Hotel presents a luxurious breakfast spread.

This Winnipeg establishment pairs historical grandeur with modern dining.

A few highlights from their breakfast menu include the gluten-free pancakes, adorned with berries and creme fraiche, and the Fort Garry Style Eggs Benedict.

Each dish reflects the hotel’s commitment to quality.

A breakfast at The Oval Room is an experience to savor. With dishes that cater to all preferences, it’s a top choice for morning dining.

Just beyond Winnipeg’s bustle, the Fort Garry Hotel awaits with great and classy breakfast options.

A great Winnipeg breakfast at the historical Fort Garry Hotel - The Oval Room Brasserie
photo via Instagram @ovalroombrasserie


SMITH, situated inside the Inn at the Forks, offers a culinary experience that artfully combines local falvors with a touch of elegance.

The ambiance of the place, contemporary with a hint of rustic charm, sets the stage for a delightful meal.

Begin your day with SMITH’s Turkish Eggs, a vibrant dish that combines poached eggs with a medley of spices and textures.

For something more traditional, the Classic Benedict with its perfectly poached eggs and crispy hash browns is impeccable.

A great Winnipeg breakfast at SMITH
photo via Instagram @smithwinnipeg

Seine River Cafe

Seine River Cafe, a Winnipeg favorite, offers a breakfast menu that’s a toast to simplicity and flavor.

Located by the Seine River in St. Boniface, it’s a spot beloved for its home-style cooking and warm atmosphere.

The menu boasts classic dishes done right. The fluffy pancakes and savory omelets are crowd-pleasers, consistently drawing in the breakfast crowd.

For a lighter start, their fresh pastries paired with robust coffee never disappoint.

Seine River Cafe is the kind of place you return to. It strikes the perfect balance between familiar comfort foods and a friendly, inviting space, ideal for morning gatherings or solo coffee breaks.

A dish of fluffy pancakes in Seine River Cafe in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @seinerivercafe

Prairie’s Edge

Prairie’s Edge offers a breakfast menu that’s a testament to the prairies.

Their Prairie Breakfast is a traditional pick, providing a hearty start. Perogies & Egg is a standout, paying homage to local flavors with kielbasa sausage. The French Toast tempts with a sweet option, adorned with mixed berries and cream.

Visiting Prairie’s Edge is a journey into the heart of prairie cuisine. Each dish, from the Breakfast Skillet to the Smoked Salmon Sandwich, is crafted with care. The Eggs Benedict, customizable with bacon or salmon, is particularly noteworthy.

In summary, Prairie’s Edge, located in Kildonan Park, is a gem in Winnipeg’s dining landscape.

It’s a place where the genuine flavors and relaxed ambiance come together to create memorable breakfast experiences, blending classic and modern tastes.

Eggs and sausage breakfast in Prairie's Edge restaurant in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @prairiesedgewpg

Falafel Place

Falafel Place, located in the restaurant packed street of Corydon Ave in Winnipeg, uniquely blends traditional breakfast with Middle Eastern flavors.

Highlights include the Falafel Breakfast and Vegan Heaven Breakfast, offering a delightful twist on morning staples. Shakshuka and various egg-based dishes, like the Beef Brisket and Eggs, add a hearty touch.

The variety at Falafel Place caters to all palates, making it a standout breakfast destination.

Whether it’s a classic dish with a twist or a vegan delight, the menu promises a flavorful start to the day. This cafe is a must-visit for those seeking a unique breakfast experience in Winnipeg.

A great falafel breakfast in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @falafelplacerestaurant

Buvette in the Village

Buvette in the Village, a quaint brunch spot in Winnipeg’s vibrant Osborne Village, is a family-run establishment that radiates warmth and charm.

Operated by the Svenne family, known for their previous ventures Bistro 7 ¼ and Little Goat, it brings a personal touch to the dining experience.

The menu at Buvette in the Village is a blend of classic and inventive. Their Eggs Benedict, a staple, comes in ever-changing styles, showcasing Chef Alex’s culinary flair.

The Falafel Breakfast and Vegan Heaven Breakfast are distinct offerings, enriching the traditional breakfast roster.

Visiting Buvette in the Village is more than just a meal; it’s an experience steeped in family tradition and culinary passion.

This spot, though small, leaves a lasting impression with its delightful dishes and homey atmosphere.

It’s a must-visit for those seeking a cozy breakfast or brunch in Winnipeg, where every dish is crafted with care and expertise.

An eggs benedict dish form Buvette in Osborne Village, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @buvette.inthevillage

Modern Electric Lunch

Modern Electric Lunch in downtown Winnipeg serves up a unique breakfast menu.

Their Mushroom Hash and Pistachio Ricotta Pancakes are standout dishes, offering a delightful blend of flavors.

The Pork Belly Tostada is another favorite, providing a savory twist to breakfast classics.

Modern Electric Lunch is ideal for those seeking a memorable breakfast experience in Winnipeg, with a mix of traditional and innovative dishes.

The interior of Modern Electric Lunch, a great breakfast place in Downtown Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @modernelectriclunch

L’Arche Tova Café

L’Arche Tova Café in Transcona offers a comforting breakfast menu.

Choose the Blue Collar Special for a traditional start, or the Meat Lovers Breakfast for a hearty meal. The Cinnamon Bun French Toast is a sweet treat not to be missed.

The café is known for its warm service and varied menu, including skillets and omelets. The Winnipeg Foundation dish provides a simpler, yet equally tasty choice.

L’Arche Tova Café is a welcoming spot for a satisfying breakfast in Winnipeg, combining classic dishes with a sense of community in the heart of Transcona, Winnipeg.

2 Kelly’s Cafe

2 Kelly’s Café offers classic homestyle breakfasts all day in Downtown Winnipeg.

Their Classic Breakfast and Santa Fe Scrambler are morning delights. Omelette lovers will enjoy the Denver and Cheese & Mushroom options, all featuring Gunn’s Bakery toast.

This café is the go-to for a hearty start, with its homemade hash browns and fresh ingredients. The Breakfast Wrap and Egg Melt provide tasty alternatives for those on the go.

2 Kelly’s Café combines quality with comfort, making it a breakfast staple in the city.

Oakwood Cafe

Oakwood Cafe on Winnipeg’s Osborne street, delights diners with a breakfast menu full of inventive twists.

The Cowboy Breakfast Bowl offers a hearty start, while the Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes are a zestful morning treat.

For a savory turn, the Brisket & Eggs are a standout, and the Chicken Chorizo Waffles skillfully blend sweet and savory.

A visit to Oakwood Cafe is a journey through classic and creative breakfast choices. Whether it’s the rich flavors of the GTA Benny or the lighter Beet Latkes, each dish is served with flair.

In a cozy ambiance, Oakwood Cafe is a breakfast haven. It’s a place where every dish promises a satisfying beginning to your day, with a side of Winnipeg’s community spirit.

Oakwood Cafe's Denver Sandwich, a great breakfast in Winnipeg's South Osborne
photo via Instagram @oakwoodcafe

The Nook

The Nook Diner, a fixture in Winnipeg’s dining scene, offers a breakfast menu that’s both extensive and appealing.

From the Classic Benedict with back bacon to the adventurous Mexi Benny with mashed avocado and polenta, there’s a dish to satisfy every craving.

Their omelettes, like the Mushroom and Cheddar or the Spinach and Feta, are hearty and flavorful, each served with homemade hash browns and toast.

The Nook Diner is a beloved spot for those in Winnipeg seeking a traditional diner experience with a homemade touch. It’s a place where both the food and the atmosphere make for a breakfast worth savoring.

photo via Instagram @thenookdiner

The Don Restaurant

The Don Restaurant in Winnipeg’s Downtown Donald street, serves a breakfast that satisfies all appetites.

Opt for the ‘Classic Breakfast’ for a traditional start, or the ‘Santa Fe Scrambler’ for a zesty kick.

Their ‘3 Egg Omelettes’ and customizable Benedicts cater to every preference.

A beloved choice for a hearty breakfast, The Don combines classic dishes with personalized options. Enjoy a filling meal in a friendly atmosphere.

The Don is ideal for breakfast lovers seeking variety and comfort in their morning meal. It’s a Winnipeg favorite for a reason.

An eggs benedict dish in The Don, Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @thedonrestaurant

Johnny’s on Marion

Johnny’s on Marion offers classic and fulfilling breakfast choices in the heart of St. Boniface.

Their ‘3 Egg Breakfast Combos’ provide a traditional morning meal, with options like the ‘Hungry Jack’ and ‘Steak & Eggs’.

The ‘3 Egg Omelettes’ are customizable, including the ‘Mediterranean Omelette’ and ‘Johnny’s Everything Omelette’.

This diner is a popular spot for breakfast with its variety of pancakes, including the ‘Blueberry Pancakes’ and the ‘Banana Berry Pancakes’. For a quicker bite, the ‘$10 Breakfast Special’ provides value and taste.

Johnny’s on Marion is the perfect place for those seeking a classic breakfast with a homey feel.

It’s a local staple known for generous portions and friendly service.

Taverna Rodos Restaurant & Lounge

Taverna Rodos in Charleswood, Winnipeg, offers a Greek twist on breakfast favorites.

Try their ‘Eggs Benedict’ or dive into the ‘Rodos Skillet’ for a Mediterranean take. They also serve classic omelettes and sweet French toast.

This Greek restaurant is perfect for those seeking a breakfast with flair.

Taverna Rodos combines traditional Greek ingredients with hearty breakfast dishes, ensuring a memorable start to your day.

Eggs Benedict dish in Taverna Rodos, in Charleswood Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @taverna_rodos

Bernstein’s Deli

Bernstein’s Deli on Corydon Ave brings a slice of New York deli culture to Winnipeg with its Jewish-inspired breakfast menu (but don’t worry, you can get your ham or bacon here).

Their Two Eggs or Tofu Scramble can be paired with a variety of meats, including house-made corned beef or Field Roast vegan sausage.

The Hungry Man breakfast caters to those with a hearty appetite, featuring three eggs and a choice of two meats.

Omelette lovers will appreciate the Bernstein’s corned beef omelette, and those looking for a lighter start can enjoy the Challah French Toast with blueberry compote.

For a unique twist, try the Not Your Typical Israeli Shakshuka.

Bernstein’s Deli is the perfect spot for anyone craving a taste of classic New York deli fare in Winnipeg. It’s a place where traditional Jewish New York breakfast dishes are served with pride and a dash of local flavor.

A dish of pancakes and bacon in Bernstein's Deli in Winnipeg
photo via Instagram @bernsteindeli

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