Best Pizza in Winnipeg in 2022 – Top 5 Pizza Restaurants

Top 5 pizza places in Winnipeg

Picking the best pizzas in any town is a difficult and controversial task, picking the best pizza in Winnipeg is no different. No matter who you ask, everyone will have their own favorite pizza place in Winnipeg.

As the ultimate take-out food, in times of world-wide pandemic, when restaurant seating is no longer an option, a pie of pizza is also a comforting meal coming right to your door.

With so many pizza places in Winnipeg it is a hard choice, but one we’ve taken upon ourselves, nonetheless. When you pick only 5 you are sure to leave some great choices aside, but we’ll try and give you our picks for the best pizza in Winnipeg – the top 5 pizza restaurants in town.

Santa Ana Pizzeria & Bistro (St. Mary’s Rd.)

Back before COVID-19 hit Winnipeg and the world, it was almost impossible to get a table at this great pizza joint on St. Mary’s Rd.

For many Winnipeggers (especially for those living in the St. Vital area) this is probably the most popular place in the city.

Our favorite pies over there are probably the 4 Meat and the Pesto, but trust us, everyone will find something at Santa Ana.

We know that Santa Ana are pricier than other pizza parlors in Winnipeg, by it sure worth every dime.

Just don’t forget that during restrictions in Winnipeg the place is only open for takeouts (they don’t do delivery).

Pronto Pizzeria (Sterling Lyon & St. James)

With 2 locations in town Pronto Pizzeria, a newer player in Winnipeg’s pizza scene, is a great solution for your pizza cravings.

We love their pies especially for their great crusty dough that makes you feel like they just got out of the oven in Naples.

Our favorite pie at Pronto must be their Hawaiian with double ham and double pineapple.

Pronto are also vegan friendly and you can get your pie with great vegan cheese.

During restrictions in Winnipeg the place is open for takeout and delivery using one of the main delivery services in the city.

Santa Lucia Pizza (Multiple)

Santa Lucia Pizza is a veteran in Winnipeg’s pizza scene. These guys have been around since the early 70’s and they are favorited by most Winnipeggers.

This family owned chain of restaurants brings an authentic Italian, hand-tossed pizza experience and they’ve been doing so consistently for decades.

Our favorite pizza at Santa Lucia is the Greek, with olives and feta. If you’re OK with some yoghurt on your pizza then the Gyro Pizza, the other Greek option, is just for you.

During restrictions in Winnipeg the place is open for takeout and delivery.

Vera Pizza (Osborne)

This modest pizza parlor on Osborne, that as they say: “Small pizzeria trying to do simple things” is extremely popular with Winnipeggers.

They don’t have a gigantic menu with too sophisticated pizzas, and they simply stick with good ol’ simple Italian pizzas.

We personally love their Panna Pancetta with crème fraiche, pancetta and ricotta cheese.

Keep in mind that Vera is open Wed-Sat, so make sure you’re on the right day before ordering your delivery or pick-up.

They don’t have a website so you can try and catch them on their Facebook page, or order from Doordash.

Red Ember Common (The Forks)

In one of Winnipeg’s hottest restaurant spots, The Forks, you’ll find Red Ember Common. This great pizza place is inspired by the wood-fired pizza truck.

When it comes to traditional Italian pizza, Red Ember is authentic as it gets. You’ll get your hot pizza with raw chunks of real mozzarella cheeses and great tomato sauce.

We absolutely love their G.O.B pizza with garlic and bacon.

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